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  1. Looking at it now the loans+aid won't be able to cover a split with a roomie (need 7-800/mo and 7-1k deposit which will either drain 100% of the money or be too much not to mention hotel and bus fees while hunting). I applied to a MS since I very much doubt I can improve my application on my own in my location/situation, so I'll basically spend another year not doing much aside from some tutoring.
  2. This school doesn't do deferrments, only withdrawls. If it does come to that I'll just refuse to fill out my student health program forms. Anyway least the financial aid situation has been cleared up (loan provider finally finished processing paperwork). I just hope loans can cover trying to find a place on short notice. I won't know an exact amount for a few more weeks.
  3. For a new update seems the school knows what's up (didn't even contact them) and is offering me a chance to withdraw my acceptance because of the loan delay issue. My non loan fin aid wouldn't be enough to even split an apartment with some other students (need 800/mo for a room split then transport costs and food). To make things even worse my relatives are moving the 20th of this month, so no help there. Before I give up I'll call fin aid, that terrible loan provider and then tell the dean/housing if they have any help. If it doesn't work, oh well now for round three but at least I got accepted a few places instead of pure rejection.
  4. Couldn't live in car, don't have one and never learned to drive. I might be able to defer, (I'll have to wait until Mon to try to contact anyone) I do worry how this will look to other schools if I apply elsewhere.
  5. I was accepted into a MS program and was planning to live with relatives who lived 7mi away from the school. They agreed but they now (might) want to move due to a family crisis that popped up last month. This might leave me without housing in a high cost area, most grads/undergrads house hunted a few months ago or applied for campus housing back in March. Another issue is with my student loans, I have issues getting my new student loan servicer to process an unemployment deferrement (they say they haven't processed a form I sent back in Feb). I worry how this will affect and delay new loans I have to get for the MS. I have a small amount of fin aid and a teaching assistanceship but its way too little to support me alone in this area. I spent most of sophomore year of college homeless but I doubt I can handle the same stresses in an unfamilar city as a grad student with a heavier load and all that. So how should I procede from here? Most offices on this particular campus are closed/on limited time for the next few weeks.
  6. How many programs did you apply to?

    Four ms programs this round, I would have applied to more if I could.
  7. Oh man, last year I got one of those dreams I was accepted and that afternoon I opened a letter stating rejection. Terrible. After that I had rejection dreams for like a month, but I used that to my advantage. Today's good sign, whenever I try to email a PoI I have an email chain with the cat keeps jumping in front of the screen. No, it doesn't mean kitty wants attention, er, it means I'll be going somewhere.
  8. Regrets?

    Lots of regrets for both my MS and PhD app cycles. One, I would have actually studied for the GREs rather than walk in and take the test while thinking 'gee bet this is just review'. Two, while applying I'd apply low as I can, none of this reach school business, just a waste of stamps and app fees. Lastly, I'd look very closely at the school's focus (more of X vs more of Y) and I wouldn't dare apply to a Y school, only stuff that directly matches my background of X. Oh, and I wish I never listened to an old PI of taking that year off. Forget that, should have made a bit of time junior year and applied.
  9. Anyone else losing their damn mind?

    I'm all but rejected from one school since none of the professors are accepting more students and another school I think I messed up on my SoP by not mentioning my PoI and mentioning PoIs that are no longer accepting students. So, I'm down to two schools and things aren't looking good for the third (keep having mysterious 'application issues) and its too early to tell for the fourth. As for that fourth I might have a case of foot in mouth in the email chain I'm in with the last PoI. I hate this, starting to remind me of last year. Why does this have to be so difficult? It's a master's I'll be paying. Geeze.
  10. I'm having a very difficult time getting any response out of PoIs at programs I'm applying to. I understand they're busy but it worries me since time is running out and I need to be accepted into a lab in order to have a chance at acceptance at any of the schools I'm applying to. I've gone with the very short email route and waiting a few weeks before retrying to email. I give a 1-2 setence introduction and 2 sentences of interest. I don't want to write anything longer since I know they're super busy. I know I lack research experience and am naive about research overall, so I don't want to waste space with excess flattery or vague connections between their topic and what I do have some experience wtih. One very interesting PoI I've contacted twice 4mo apart and still hasn't responded, I'm not sure if I should bother with a third and final attempt at contact. For the others I've waited couple of weeks to months and still haven't gotten a response. Any further ideas or help appreciated.
  11. Sorry if the title isn't clear, I'm not all here right now. At one school I've been hunting down one professor (p1) but I'm interested in 2 others' labs. The one p1 is debating whether or not they'll accept students the other two I've been debating contacting. The school only accepts applicants who have been accepted into a lab, so I'm wondering if it's cool to ask more than one incase p1 doesn't accept students this fall or if it looks like a sign of indecisiveness. Note they are all in the same program and department.
  12. So tired of gun violence...

    Mental health needs a rehaul, there's ridiculous amounts of stigma attached to it still. You don't hear many people telling a diabetic it's all in their head. Not to mention access to mental health. Then to add onto the dozens of issues we have a culture where image is everything and violence is cool. Lastly, I haven't heard of guns being used against tyranny since the 1800's and guns are no match for tanks and drones. Just saying.
  13. I have a facebook account but I haven't accessed it in years. Don't know many people IRL so I don't see the point.
  14. Life after rejection

    You keep living pretty much. Me, I haven't found a job so I'm living off my parents like a bloated tick. I sold the remainder of my things (last of my textbooks, computer components and the like) to be able to apply for this round, so no clue how I'll apply for the third round. Love making sacrifices for nothing, makes me feel alive.
  15. Anyone else losing their damn mind?

    ^ Could be worse, you could be rejected the day you had that dream. Anyway... Yes. For my programs you have to make a contact with a professor and be accepted by them to get into the program. OUt of all 4 schools I've only heard one email response since October and haven't gotten emailed back since November and it's making me extra scared. I know they're busy but the anxious part of me wants to say lol you suck, no one wants to talk to you.