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  1. Ah the Berkeley denial finally comes in. I wish the rest of the decisions would just come in so I could decide!
  2. Has anyone been declined from Berkeley yet? Either way, how were you notified? I'm getting tired of checking the website every day.
  3. Just got into the University of Chicago! Visiting weekends are February 21-23 and March 7-9. Feels good to have the first one out of the way.
  4. I just took the Chemistry GRE's last week, I'll find out in November how i did. I know they aren't too significant though. I added UCLA to the list. I'm hoping that safety-in-numbers will play a role - If i apply to enough schools someone's bound to take me right? I'm hoping to narrow down eventually, I'm going to have to get another job to pay for the application fee's...
  5. Hey guys - Getting ready to start my applications (can't wait...). I could use some help figuring out some safety schools, most online rankings don't go beyond the top 20 and I'd love to know for sure that I'm going to grad school next year. I'm planning on going into Organic Chemsitry - looking for a professor with a good mix of methodology and total synthesis. Education: Top 25 Private University - Honors Chemistry Program GPA Major/Cumulative: 3.4/3.5 Research Experience: Five semesters and One Summer in University Research Lab One summer of Pharmaceutical Research Extended Part-Time Research Position at Pharmaceutical Company Second Author of Accepted JACS Publication Second Author of Manuscript in Preparation (Doesn't count for much - I know) GRE's: 164 Q, 159 V, 5.0 W Universities: Reaches - Harvard, UC Berkeley, Stanford, CalTech In Betweens - UC Irvine, UChicago "Safeties" - UT Austin, UNC Chapel Hill (Is there really a such thing as a safety school?) I'd love some recommendations for safety schools. Best of luck to everyone!
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