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  1. Hey all, I know application season is getting close so I figured I would throw my name into the hat. I went through this process last year, applying to several major programs (seen in my sig), and decided to take a well-funded offer from BU School of Theology. If anyone has any questions for a regular student regarding applications or more specifically about BU or the greater Boston area, feel free to shoot them my way. I remember feeling kinda uncomfortable sharing some things on this website (you never know who is watching), so feel free to PM me as well. GW16
  2. Same thing happened to me. All of my correspondence with them has been pretty terrible.
  3. Maybe Duke M.A. Either way, I haven't heard from Duke yet regarding funding.
  4. Anyone else get word from Duke? Funding? I am really curious whether Duke didn't offer me funding or just that it has simply not gone out yet.
  5. I got accepted to MARc in Philosophical Theology and Philosophy of Religion. The application account didn't mention funding. Did anyone else's? Should I just cross my fingers and hope for an email or should I have read something about it in my application's page?
  6. Well, I got my rejection from CUNY today. Best of luck to you though, Riverstyx!
  7. Has anyone still not heard back from CUNY? I'm starting to think I missed an email or something. It looks like they have sent our rejections, acceptances, and now waitlists today and I haven't seen a thing.
  8. Boston College (MTS) sent me an email about setting up an interview but that's the only thing I have heard. From my understanding, that doesn't mean much.
  9. Human, All Too Human is quite the hidden gem. Definitely worth the watch. http://www.openculture.com/2014/04/human-all-too-human.html
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