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  1. Hi, I applied to about seven universities for PhD program in history too. One university rejected me. Three POI interviewed on Skype out of which one waitlisted me, and as for the other two- I am clueless about. They did say that results should be out by second week of Feb. The remaining three places have not communicated at all, but I checked the gradcafe results page, and it seems they do not have a tradition of holding interviews anyway. This is my first grad application, and you are right, it's all kind of weird and excruciating! But all the best, folks. Something will surely figure
  2. My research proposal and interests are aligned with history of south asia as well as history of science. Between U-Michigan and Columbia History department, what would be a better fit? I am pretty keen on Columbia as ideally I want to move out of a very South Asia specific research and look at broader international histories. But a bit worried about expenses in NY.
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