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  1. Committed to UCSD It was so much harder to turn down offers than I thought it would be, I know it's part of the process but I couldn't help but worrying about profs and program directors taking it personally. But now the process of submitting housing applications and planning the moving in road trip has made me realize how excited I am for moving (across the country) to SD. Hopefully be seeing a few of you there, and good luck to everyone!
  2. epsilon

    San Diego, CA

    ^I talked to a current student who said it will still be running, its just being combined with another route.
  3. Officially committed to the neuro program last Friday! So excited to move to SD
  4. Duke Pros: Good weather (hot summers, as noted), great basketball team if you like sports, 4 hours from Asheville or Boone (for hiking/skiing), 1.5-2 hours from the beach, 2.5 hours from Charlotte, 25 minutes from Raleigh, 10 from Chapel Hill. Chapel Hill is a great college town, Raleigh gets big names in music, lots of good dive bars, etc. Really not very conservative in Raleigh-Durham-Chapel Hill, the population is chock full of academic types. Chapel Hill is known for being very liberal, while Raleigh is probably the most conservative. Many people in the area come from all over
  5. I've heard spending more than $10 is seen as a little... much. A nice 6 pack of beer or a bottle of wine, a fun book about whatever subject they/you are in, chocolate, these things always work. If you are artistic, I always hand-draw them a thank you card, seems to go over well.
  6. Wrapping it all up... Applied to Neuroscience Programs, sub-field of Computational/Systems School: Big Public GPA: ~3.8 GRE: 98% Q Research Experience: 1 summer REU, 1 year in wet lab, 1 semester in psychology lab Applied: Duke, Vanderbilt, UCSD, Columbia, MIT, Stanford Accepted: Duke, Vanderbilt, UCSD, Columbia Attending: UCSD
  7. Pretty interesting results! Funding wins by a landslide.
  8. Overall name recognition matters very little when talking about a specific field. Keep that in mind and look for research match/an area/ cohort you would be happy in.
  9. Grad students at UCSD said that although stuff is spread out, since it's always so nice outside it's actually pretty nice to get out of lab if just to go ask someone a question. I felt like they had a pretty good community going on. I would email profs with your interest though. From your description it seems you like JHU, and I think Baltimore is getting safer.
  10. Ice storms really don't happen that often...
  11. I'm about to do this; I wonder if I should call or email
  12. I don't think it should be a factor that stops you from going to this school if you like everything else about it. However, personally; I'm from a warm area, but spent many years in Boston and a couple years in (a cold part of) Utah. I have to say that at the time it seemed even fun at times, but looking back its pretty obvious how unhappy I was. This is a personal thing; I love hiking, kayaking, etc, and when half of the year is too cold to go outside, I think this made me very stir crazy. If you're an "outdoorsy" type, it may be worth it to look at your other options. If not, go for it.
  13. Of course, but there's gonna be one or two things that you just can't do without, or are important enough that they put one program above another. For me, institutional rankings and even department rankings were negligible, along with stipend (although all offers are funded w/stipend in my field). I am having to make the choice between 2 schools, one with one really groundbreaking prof and the other with several good ones. I see myself going with the several. Plus, looks like people voted for a little over 4 of the choices on average, so far.
  14. What are the 2 or 3 most important factors for you in making this decision? I have a feeling they differ pretty widely from person to person, so let's find out!
  15. Haha, I meant as in people that work with monkeys. I think there are some more at Salk but only one that I can think of at UCSD. Just a random thing I noticed when I was there.
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