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  1. I agree with mad science choose the person that you could see yourself working hard with, but still enjoying yourself. I'm not sure your exact interests, but uw is doing some awesome work and has been generating quite a buzz in some of the protein computational work. Also remember that on your Sunday off, hopefully you allow yourself/are allowed to take it off, you want to do something fun and take your mind off work. So make sure where you choose has activities that you can see yourself getting involved in. They all are good schools, and you are in a great situation to have to choose between them.
  2. It's awesome everyone's so pumped. I can't wait to read your future publications!
  3. UCLA!!! I'm moving from one coast to the other!
  4. I think the your chances are decent, the best thing you could do is contact a faculty member and start some dialogue about their research. Don't mention the wait list though, because they may view it as trying to use them. Good luck!
  5. I'm down for visiting that Belgian brewery they talked about in the brochure after hours.
  6. So who all will be at Colorado State in a week?! Getting pumped!!
  7. I don't think it's bad, they're just giving you their estimates on when you should hear back. Thanks for the news though I applied there as well.
  8. Is the chemistry department split so you can't switch? Is this a usual thing?
  9. Hi, I have a friend who is looking into grad school for sports psychology, but does not know of many places that offer that program. I was wondering if anybody hear knows of any? Thank you for any help!
  10. I just meant i was hoping 20 admitted students from the chem department show up. I'd rather room with a chem student. Faraday you can stay on your parents health insurance until you're 26, so you may want to talk to them about that.
  11. I'm hoping that maybe 20 people show up. If I end up accepting their offer I'd like to try rooming with another person in the chem program.
  12. To whomever just got into UNC congrats and remember to put in a good word for me!
  13. I think you have a good chance if I got in. My gpa and gre's weren't great, but I have a ton of research experience. I applied December 18th and got in on January 18th. I have a friend that goes to csu and he had nothing but good things to say about Wood and Ferreira. I have not asked about Rovis, Williams, or Shi though.
  14. Congrats on getting two acceptances in one day! My friend who attended Irvine spoke very highly of Santa Barbara's program.
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