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  1. I have applied to 12 schools. 9 of these are tops schools in electrical engineering and bioengineering. Got rejected from 3. And I see couple of other school started sending acceptance letters (I check results search obsessively). This is what happened first three times then a week later I got rejection letters! I'm freaking out! Any of you going through the same thing???
  2. Did any of you contact the professors? I emailed some of them but never heard anything back from them.
  3. Did you apply to GA Tech bioengineering or electrical engineering with bioengineering option?
  4. Can you tell me what kind of experience you have? Your gpa and gre scores? Cause I didn't hear anything back from Berkeley
  5. Nothing from Brown or Case. And thanks for sharing that. Even though I have no hope left for berkeley.
  6. Yes UC Berkeley-UCSF joint phd program. Haven't heard anything yet
  7. I applied to Berkeley and case as well and I haven't got anything yet.
  8. I was wondering about your research experiences gre scores and gpa. Cause I really want to go to Berkeley. I haven't heard anything yet. And I'm an international student. Thanks
  9. I got rejected by university of Washington and ucsd. I am checking my email constantly and thinking about what I would do if I don't get in anywhere. So you're not alone lol
  10. Thank you so much! When did you get the invitation from Caltech?
  11. I applied to 9 schools. And I just got rejected from UCSD for PhD. I am about to go crazy thinking about what if I don't get in anywhere. How are you guys doing so far? Where did you apply? What are you doing to stop thinking and worrying about it?
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