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  1. Wait listed and I'm hoping to get accepted. My top choice.
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    I'm.interested I have applied to 24-26 schools this application process. So far one interview and one denial. Hope is still alive
  3. I would like to ask...have you considered going to your disability center on campus? No joke. I was struggling my first semester in my SLP courses and ended with two C and two B then I found out about disability center and got Dr to write me note etc...then once approved they helped me to get more time allotted to take my tests. This allowed me to get straight As for the next three semesters in every class! All it took was study groups, and extra time to process comprehension. Of questions being asked on tests. Maybe this will help. If you are thinking of special Ed . teachers are needed bad
  4. My stats are GRE V-148- Q-140 Analytical 4.0 not impressive I have a BA in theatre arts with a non impressive 2.44 from 2003 adn i was out of school for 10 years in the entertainment industry and went back to csuf my post bac CD gpa is 3.63 . what are my chances of getting in? I volunteer at st. jude hospital. and am in Nsshla and Autism U awareness laision
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