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  1. If you have time take CBEST now if you are a CA resident and graduated. Its gonna help you and you can find a substitute teacher job which is always available. Once you get accepted in masters program you need to have CBEST so why not take now if you have time.
  2. My daughter is graduating from CSU Fresno in couple months and she is having internship at hospital right now in her last semester. I think most of the schools offer in school clinics, elementary school program and then hospital/nursing homes internship. That way you know what do you like to do and what kind of job are you interested in. My daughter is interested in Medical field as well but it will be hard to find in hospital right after she graduate so most students do jobs in school and after year or 2 they start applying to medical. That's what I heard from her. Hope this helps!
  3. CCS, I sent you personal message when I responded couple days ago. We are not from Fresno and my daughter did not do her undergraduate from Fresno. Email me at dial1010usa@yahoo.com and I will forward your questions to my daughter. She is very busy with her grad studies. Good Luck!
  4. As the other above posters mentioned it all depends on your over all application. If your GPA is 3.8+ great extra curricular activities, volunteer and have experience in this related field your avg GRE 150+150=300 should work. It varies from applicant to applicant. You need to be overall good.
  5. Do not listen to your friend. He has no clue what he/she is talking about.
  6. Hello CalChi SLP, my daughter is attending CSU Fresno. You need to apply asap, sooner the better, oh and make sure you follow up with school.
  7. As long as your overall application is good, you are good to go. You V & Q scores are great. Do not retake.
  8. No, all she had one required sign language class, no sign language background at all.
  9. Spring is less competitive but only few schools offers that. If you are from CA, pass your CBEST and get job in schools, that will be plus, try to get SLPA job. Do more volunteer work. Try to find paid or volunteer work at nursing homes.
  10. My daughter done her undergrad from CSU Sac and currently doing her master's at CSU Fresno and she loves it. I heard Chico takes their own undergrads.
  11. As Twinguy7 mentioned above, if you are from CA, there are many options. My daughter graduated last year but she did not get in anywhere. She took CBEST test and applied for jobs in schools for substitute teacher and assistant for SLP. She got into both jobs, pay wasn't that great but she got experienced and got accepted in spring'15. She also had worked in nursing home for the past 4 years. One piece of advise- You must have some kind of experience with kids. As mentioned, she had nursing home experience with elderly peoples but the only reason she didn't get in fall'14 because she didn't have enough experience with kids. SLPA is good but its expensive in CA. Try to shadow SLP, work in hospital, schools or nursing homes. Good luck to all!
  12. That way they don't have to call you for an interview, that's the whole point of 10 minutes video. I believe they started last year. Keep in mind they usually take their own undergrad students.
  13. http://slpecho.wordpress.com/2012/08/19/slp-graduate-school-test-scores-and-gpa/ Read the above link I posted. You got good last 60 hours GPA which most of the schools looked at. Your GRE is ok but you got good EC. It all depends what schools are you applying to. I would say apply more than 5-6 schools and some out of state schools if you are willing to relocate. Do not take GRE if you are not ready. I have seen so many people are rushing to take GRE without any preparation. Check the below link. Good Luck!!!
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