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  1. Orientation is tomorrow, oh my!

  2. Yes, I'm pretty positive I will be attending Fordham University [i accepted their offer of admission a week ago] I haven't declined DU yet because I got a scholarship, that's going to be hard haha. I loved both programs but I'm excited about Fordham & NYC! Good luck at UW!
  3. Congrats! I mistakenly pressed the red arrow oops!
  4. Hello! I was the one who got accepted 03/4 & my application was complete on 01/14. The wait was the worst but I was elated when the news finally came, just hang in there!! I will be in attendance at the online information session this tues. & i will be visiting on march 27th-30th with my family. I can't wait and will have more info to offer by then. I've actually sent in my statement of intent & deposit, though Good luck and I will be sure to add any helpful information when I can
  5. Hi kris427! My application to OSU was completed on 12/10/12 and my status was updated on 2/15/13- i continuously checked. About a week or so later I received a letter of admission and then another letter followed with more info. I recently declined their offer though But, that just leaves a spot for someone else Best of luck!
  6. Thanks!! I think it's different for everyone. I know when you fill out the online app they ask if you want to be notified by email or postal mail and I chose email. But as you can see almedina got a call and email which is cool! Hopefully I will be getting a follow up email soon, but I checked the VIP page everyday Almedina, what information was included in your email, if you dont mind me asking? And, does the cost of attendance link work on your VIP page? -I was having difficulties.
  7. The wait is finally over, I got into Fordham (the last school I was waiting on) !!! If anyone else's application was complete on or before Jan 14th, your VIP page may be updated. Take a look! Now I have to make a decision (I don't find out about VCU until May but they've been out of the running). It's between Fordham and DU for me Congrats to everyone on their acceptances and hang in there for those who are still waiting- I know the feeling, it comes to an end eventually haha!
  8. Well, it's March and soon I'll have to make one of the biggest decisions* of my life. Yay?!

  9. Oh Fordham, hurry and make a decision already. Please! *_*

    1. n_psych


      I'm waiting for them too! :)

    2. callyw22


      Hopefully we both hear from them soon! :)

  10. Also, I'm sure you may know this by now but they sent an email recently with instructions on how everything should work
  11. Thank you so much for all of the information!! I've been searching, with good findings, but I was trying to get information from a closer source. Thanks again!! & Adri. H I hope you hear from your schools soon I know how unbearable the wait can be, haha.
  12. & they've given me money too?! oh DU, how can I ever...

  13. Congrats, that's awesome!! Glad you're going to be in attendance this year I hear Boulder is beautiful as well *widens eyes* haha. Would you happen to know anything about any of the neighborhoods around DU? I'm sure there is a forum here somewhere that I shall soon discover, but thought I'd ask here first. DU is in the University neighborhood if I'm not mistaken.
  14. Thank you guys!! & Emily my status says the same thing: the previous box with "complete/ready to review" is no longer there and I have the option to accept or deny at the bottom-- although the decision technically says "not available." I am so tempted to just click accept, ha, but I am waiting for the letter/email and any notification about scholarship information.
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