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  1. I am finishing my Bachelor's this semester. However, thanks to an abusive marriage and trying to raise my kid alone while working full time, some of my grades haven't been great. My overall GPA is a 2.91 before this semester ends, though my program GPA is 3.46 and my minor is 3.25. I only have 2 classes (one in each major and minor) that I could really fix. I could spend next semester doing what grade fixing I can and then in fall apply for Spring 2020 admission for grad. But that puts me at starting CFY at 40 years old. So I'm considering changing what I go forward into. Anyone here familiar with other grad programs I could use my CDIS degree for? Speech therapy is my love, and audiology would be my dream but we don't have a program in my state. Working as an apprentice is kind of out because it would pay way less than I make now working in a call center (though it could help me get into grad school). Idk if I could take my desire to do something that helps people into another field?
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