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  1. .It is difficult to keep the motivation levels up at work especially when you know you would be going to grad school in another 3 month's time! :( Neck deep with a lot of things to do and absolutely not in a mood to

    1. ak48


      another lame duck here too! as long as I don't get fired I guess.

    2. DStory247


      I'm with both of you!

    3. Andean Pat

      Andean Pat

      ditto, feel EXACTLY the same! :(

  2. The April 15th deadline is nearing. May be this will help the people who have applied to the same colleges that you have been accepted from and are waitlisted. Can people post which ones they accepted and which ones they have turned down among the accpetances. Program: ECE PhD, Admits: U Minnesota- Twin Cities, U Michigan Ann Arbor ( MS) . Attending: U Minnesota, Twin Cities
  3. Right now, i am really debating whether to find a room-mate or live alone.. I do want to find a room-mate(eventually! or atleast get to know someone before we move in), to bring the costs down, but want to make sure its the right room-mate. I am married, but my husband would go to school in another city. So I would be looking for females only. Someone who would give me my own space, and would be ok with hanging out for movies or eating/drinkin once in a while. I am also Indian & vegetarian, and I plan to cook my dinner atleast 3-4 times a week, So people who dont like strong smell of spices are automatically ruled out ( Seriously I have known a lot of non-Asians, who just cant handle the smell of the spices). That said I am not particular about finding a vegetarian & Indian room mates only. I am ok with others as well, but I just need my space thats all. I am not very fussy as well, and get around with people just fine. If any females here are ok with this, then do let me know! As to the craiglist, yes, I havebeen looking at craiglist, just put the keyword "campus" in your search and it will show a lot of apartments( !/2/3/4/5 BR) & some studios in all those neighborhood mentioned in the posts above, and they all are open for 1/9 onwards. Uptown would be a bit pricey for me, but if I find the right room-mate, then I would be ok with it. If not, I would be looking at something around Seward, Marcy-Holmes neighborhood.I might just finalise something sitting, sign a 3/6 month lease and see how that goes,
  4. Also, people, if you are not already in Minnesota, have any of you decided as to when you would fly into Minnesota. I am thinking somewhere between 15 Aug- 25 Aug.
  5. Oops I just bumped this thread. HAd started another one on minnesota.. Didnt really search before I posted @rly242 Thanks for your suggestions. I would be starting this fall. Any ideas on when I should start looking for houses? I live in India, half a world apart, so finalizing anything from here is scary. But it also seems like, the earlier I look for housing, the better off I would be. I am also looking to stay off-campus in a studio by myself. My classes would be in ECE building ( 200 Union Street, SE) I read around here that Marcy-Holmes, Seward, Upton and Longfellow neighborhoods are close to the U. Do you agree with that ? I would ideally like something within walking distance or close to the bus lines within 5 mile radius
  6. I will be heading to Minnesota this Fall. I am already apartment hunting. I am looking to stay by myself in a studio atleast for the first year, until I find like-minded people, off campus( I am somehow not totally up for living on-campus amongst all the partying, noisy undergrads.. there is nothing wrong in that though.. I have done my share of wild partying.. just dont think I would fit in!). I am also married but my husband is going to start school in another city, so thats the sad part. There are already a bunch of apartments available on craiglist. So just checking out, although, it is very difficult to finalize on something sitting half the world apart. Also finalized on buying MacBook Air 11`. I have a relative staying in Abu dhabi. since electronics is much cheaper there than here in India, I am considering ordering from there. I am totally dreading the winters in Minnesota. I have never ever lived in a place ( for more than a couple of days) where the temperature has gone below freezing. So I am totally lost on the kind of winter gear that I should buying and from where I should be buying it from. Since i am going to be living off a stipend, i am considering not doing much clothes shopping at all, but instead manage from my existing wardrobe. I am not all that fashion conscious anyway. So i would be looking to save every penny. The startup costs itself is pretty high - flying, rent, deposits, initial temporary stay, some necessary fees and so forth, I am already digging deep into my savings
  7. Hi, Anybody starting school in UMN this fall? This would be a great forum to catch up, I think. I would be starting ECE PhD program. I am Indian female and it would be nice to talk to and get to know other people joining UMN, so that we dont feel so alone when we start. Wat say people? ! :-)
  8. Maggi


    @rustledjimmies : Hahaha.. true. I went back and read my post, I agree that wasnt a conversation starter at all. I thought I can catch up with others who got into UMN ECE for Fall 2013.
  9. Maggi


    People who got an accpetance from UMN ECE for Phd/Masters for Fall 2013
  10. This comes from my husband, who has also applied to the PhD program, I dont understand how he manages to keep so calm! - "Why do you keep checking thegradcafe.com a gazillion times a today??! Thats not going to help you get in anywhere. You cant do much about your admissions now" I love that guy, but its kinda irritating
  11. It depends on the individual professors I think. I got an accept from a U Minnesota without an interview. POI later contacted me saying that he is offering RA to me and an official letter would come later. In my case, POI knew my recommender. He mentioned that he corresponded with my recommender and that he spoke good of me. So it depends on an individual's application as well as the POI
  12. Even I have applied to the EECS PhD program. VLSI CAD track. I am going nuts here waiting for a decision. I emailed Barry Levitch,the Graduate Admissions Co-ordinator and he mentioned that their records indicate that my application is complete and it is pending committee review and that I could expect a decision anywhere between this week to the next six weeks.. sigh . Hasnt stopped me from checking my email and thegradcafe a zillion times a day
  13. Maggi

    Minneapolis, MN

    I got accepted to UMN for a PhD program starting Fall 2013, and it looks like I would be going there. I jsut read through this thread. Just want to convey a big thanks to all those people who provided suggestions. It was really helpful, especially for an international student like me who would have been lost completely otherwise to look at accomodation.
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