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  1. Definitely losing my mind... Going once, going twice, gone.
  2. I really wouldn't worry too much about it, it wouldn't hurt your chances of admission to visit but I sincerely doubt that they can or would hold a day visit against someone. That is- unless they make it into some sort of formal interview, but it sounds like just a visit to see the campus and sway your loyalty towards their school should they admit you. It's definitely a good chance to visit the campus if you haven't been!
  3. They interview some but not all applicants, I've found no correlation to which of those people are admitted! I've heard 2 schools of thought-- Interviews for the schools top choices or interviews for students they aren't sure about.
  4. Waiting to hear back is torture as we all know. It's my first round applying to art history Phd programs, haven't been asked for an interview yet, is this a bad thing? What are the odds I would get accepted without an interview? It seems very unlikely my smaller schools and programs would accept anyone without directly talking to them first? Does anyone have any experience with this?
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