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  1. I can understand how that must have felt! I'm in a similar situation. I am an international student with an undergraduate degree from a South Asian university and a Masters degree from a university in the US. Two out of the five programs I've applied to required official copy of undergraduate transcript. The problem - my undergraduate university does not have an online transcript request system. It requires students to visit the registrar's office in person to request official copies of the transcript, which is impossible for me because I'm in the US. I have had to call and email the Admissions staff at both universities many times to confirm that they understood my situation and that my application was forwarded to the AdComm for review. I received positive feedback from both universities, but one university still hasn't changed my application status to 'complete.' The grad admissions office said my application was forwarded to the AdComm, but I don't feel very good when I see "Application Incomplete" in the status page every time I log in.
  2. I'm glad Spring Break starts from Friday. I can finally visit my family in another state. Knowing that they will be there when (if) the decisions come out next week makes me feel better! I NEED those decisions!!!!!!!!!
  3. I'm still waiting to hear from UDel, so I guess I'm either wait listed or rejected there. The admin staff at Rutgers said they will send out notifications beginning the first week of March (I'm really, really anxious!!).. Hoping to hear from them soon! Good luck!
  4. Thank you so much for your suggestions! I went and stayed the entire afternoon. They had a lot of activities and it was wonderful being there! However, while I had the opportunity to talk to the graduate coordinator and current students, the faculty I was hoping to talk to were not available. It was a casual visit and I even made some new friends (fellow applicants). Now I'm hoping that they send out those decision letters soon! I'm already starting to feel anxious again!!!
  5. My anxiety level.. I would say it was 2 till last week but it's definitely gone up to 3 now. I have written three chapters and am gearing up for the main chapter (data analysis). I have always loved to write but it is always very difficult for me to get started. The first two paragraphs take longer than anything, but when that's done, it gets easier. When I talked to my adviser last week, he said: "Just keep writing, don't stop. Write whatever you can, but write every day." I'm trying my best to follow his advice.
  6. Okay. Only a few more weeks. You can do this. You can do this! :D

  7. So I have been invited to visit one university this week. The email said it is a campus visit day, and I accepted the invitation. But I am also waiting for decisions from this university. I have no idea whether or how this visit will affect my chances of admission/funding at this university. Anyone else having or already gone through a similar situation? Any thoughts or suggestions on how to take this visit? Thanks a lot in advance.
  8. I am on a similar boat. I'm working on my MA thesis and it has been increasingly difficult to focus on writing, especially when I know I should be writing almost all the time considering the short time I have before graduation. I check my emails constantly and now I've even started seeing decisions in my dreams. Some days I wake up feeling good just because I saw 'Acceptance with full funding' from some university in my dreams and some days it's just the opposite. It seems like I'm no longer able to get rid of this anxiety. I'm just hoping for these waiting days to end with a positive outcome and only then will I get some sleep.
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