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  1. Yes, I do. I've applied to Columbia three times. After I get settled into my new life, I don't know if I'll be able to uproot everything again for such an endeavor. I may have a different point of view after a few years, but really at this point I don't see it happening. I was admitted to UCLA in 2014 and passed because their job numbers were terrible. Seven years of intense study for a small chance at a tenure-track job is simply unacceptable to me. I'm not in my twenties anymore and I'm married. So, I went to Cornell to failsafe my earning power with a Pro degree, with the hopes that it woul
  2. Penn Rejected last night. That's it. This means I'm not going to be an ethnomusicologist; or at least not one with a degree that states as such. Trying to get my head around it... I'm not going to be professor. For the better part of a decade that was my scholastic aim. Instead, I'm going into the professional world. Stunned, really. Always saw myself as an academic: as someone who would become a professor of ethnomusicology. Unfortunately, the folks at the seven programs I applied to this year (my third and final round) did not. My life just changed in a very serious way and forever. As a con
  3. Rejected by Columbia yesterday and NYU last week. If you haven't heard from them yet, it could mean you are in a holding pattern. Remain positive, but don't read too much into it... at best you are probably on an unofficial waitlist, meaning: you're behind those already notified of being waitlisted... who knows? You may get an email tomorrow asking for an interview. Best of luck to you! Incredibly selective program.
  4. I absolutely can relate to that! I'm waiting to hear the final word from Columbia and Penn ethnomusicology, then I'm going on with the rest of my life (I'm about to get a professional degree from an Ivy League University). Good Luck in your PhD studies! I'm too old to take a chance on anything but an Ivy/Public Ivy League PhD program at this point, because jobs are far too hard to come by in the academy...
  5. If you REALLY want to go to Columbia, then stick it out. I have applied to Columbia Ethno in the past. I hate to burst your bubble, but I know from experience that Columbia generally accepts in February and rejects in March. You may be on a waitlist, but really they probably would've notified you of that. I have experience with this program. I was rejected at the END of March. Be ready for that.
  6. Funding was in the dumper when I visited UW a couple years back. Unlike IU, they won't admit folks they can't fund. so on the money front, an offer of admission from UW is probably good news. Don't do a PhD without funding. UW was great in the past, but their rep has slipped.... The ivy leagues have a lock on ethno now in terms of employment ops after graduation. Trust me, I went through all of this before.... Sucks.
  7. Just curious: Were you a good fit with UW research aims? Was this a reach program for you? FYI they are ridiculously selective, part of that is because their funding is practically nonexistent... I have visited the program before and met with most of the faculty. Great people, but my area of research wasn't quite close enough to theirs... did not apply this year.
  8. I applied to NYU ethno. I guess your classmate's acceptance is bad news for me: I haven't heard a word from NYU.
  9. I applied to Penn Ethnomusicology. No word yet...
  10. FYI: Rejected today by Harvard Ethnomusicology.
  11. I have just been accepted to the ethnomusicology PhD program at UCLA. I very much want to continue to study ethnomusicology, but after a lot of web-based research, I am concerned about finding real and lasting work that is commensurate with the effort it takes to eventually earn a PhD. i.e. I don't want to cap six hard years of work with loan deferment requests and delivering pizzas to pay the rent. Now I find that I have been accepted to Cornell University. What a strange impasse I find myself at. Two paths are available to me. One is my dream; studying Ethnomusicology at a top-ranked p
  12. About a week ago I received an unsolicited email out of the blue from a POI at one of the top-tier programs I applied to. The gist of the message was that she wanted me to know how much my writing sample (senior undergrad thesis) impressed her and that she is in full support of my research. Then she inquired about my grad school status. I replied and we struck up a dialogue. As it turns out, she wants me to visit the program again this fall and meet more faculty and sit in on classes. Needless to say, all of this has been quite a salve to my burnt ego, but I am curious about the implications o
  13. It's crummy and unprofessional. Additionally, it's extremely insensitive to the dedicated applicants who have put SO much effort, resources, and interest into these programs (not to mention all of the effort that went into an applicant's undergraduate studies). They seem to forget that these are REAL peoples' Lives that fuel these applications. Flippant negligence.
  14. My wait is over. Emailed DGS today. Received response. Rejected from the waitlist. Ouch: I had been rejected after 4/15, but they FORGOT to inform me of their decision. Treated like an insect. That's it, I'm done for 2013. What else can I do? I'll set my sights on next year and MOVE FORWARD. Best of luck to all here still waiting and congratulations to those accepted. Give up? Hell no, I won't.
  15. Ugh. STILL waiting.... I'm going to contact the program this Wednesday, and see where things stand (with the most diplomatic/professional countenance I can muster).
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