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  1. Thank you both. I think we have decided. My partner will hedge his bets in FL. While Old Dominion does have funded position for their in-state cohort, and travel awards available to me, I think I need the place based option right now. I am stuck teaching intro courses at a community college, and I'd be able to teach a variety of upper division courses at USF. In all things. This has been a hard decision, but I feel like it will ultimately be the best for both of us, professionally. Thanks again!
  2. USF is funded. Old Dominion is not. It is online program. They admit half their cohort as distance learners; I am not so much concerned about the cost, however, because my partner's fellowship is excellent in Boulder and tuition is effectively "instate". I have no debt load from my BA or MA. I suppose I am most curious about the two programs' reputations. If one is even marginally better than the other, that simply tips the scales. My unfortunate predicament is that I found out about this field last Fall, after having been out of school for two years, and the only people I know who know an
  3. Also declined a funded offer early last week. Hope it helps someone out.
  4. I am utterly torn between these two PhD programs for Rhet/Comp. Clearly. I haven't yet made a decision. I have declined funded offers from GSU and NDSU, if that matters. I would attend Old Dominion via their distance option while living in Boulder, CO as my partner earns his PhD. Otherwise, he'll wait until I am done at USF, or work to get into a program in FL, if we go to USF. Any insight?
  5. Has anyone heard anything concrete about Georgia State's funding situation this year? I was accepted but have heard nothing back from the DGS about funding (whether I'm funded, what funding looks like this year, etc). I'd appreciate any insight!
  6. I have been with my partner for nine years and we have two children. He applied to PhD programs in History; we applied to three schools together (17 between us, total). He was rejected by one that has given me a funded offer, I was rejected from the second program (he hasn't heard back yet), and we both are waiting to hear back from the last. As thatjewishgirl said, it is really tricky, and I feel bad, almost, that I have gotten acceptances and he hasn't gotten one yet. However, hearing back from programs, even with bad news, has helped us prepare for the move we will be making. We cannot fath
  7. Interesting to be sure, and rather odd. We'll see what happens.
  8. Been lurking the whole season, but now that I am hearing back from places and am looking for insight into programs, I thought'd I'd begin to post... They actually contacted me in early Feb. because I had begun, but not finished, my application by the original deadline. They emailed me and let me the deadline had been extended and suggested I complete my application! I ended up doing it (it was just a matter of revising a statement of purpose for them specifically). What does a deadline extension indicate? My partner and I (also applying to PhD programs this round) spent a while talking
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