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  1. TTG49

    What are my chances?

    That's great Afe, I think for YDS at least you have a great chance!
  2. TTG49

    What are my chances?

    Hi Afe, It sounds like you have a good foundation. Do you have any experience already in ancient languages, and would you focus on Hebrew Bible or New Testament?
  3. First, to the poster, those scores are solid, and I don't think you should worry about taking them again. Also, Undergraduate GPA is important, and 3.71 is also solid. But I do want to offer a little bit of a counter to the idea that GRE scores are primarily about being higher than a minimum cutoff and then are irrelevant. I know that's the case at a lot of programs, and I'm sure likewise that at most programs they wouldn't be a tiebreaker. But I know that for at least one of the top programs, GREs are very important parts of the application even in late decision making stages, as frustrating as that may be. So, basically, everyone should try to get the best scores they can. Which is all anyone can do anyway. Just wanted to throw that out there, as the GRE I think sometimes plays a larger role than people allow sometimes on these forums.
  4. Thanks for your response! I will be looking into all of those programs--Minnesota's looks especially intriguing. BTW, I should have enough preparation in both classical languages, with 3+ years of Classical Latin in undergrad, and having taken Classical Greek graduate courses at Yale's GSAS, from which I'll also have a letter of rec from one of the Classics profs, and so altogether I think I'd have a decent shot anywhere that I apply (I hope so, anyway). I guess, as broadly as possible, I would say I'm interested in Roman Imperial culture and religion, as I will be looking at how the NT interacts with Roman Imperial culture. Additionally, my undergrad in English, with a lot of theory (esp. Foucault and Derrida), makes Archaic Greek conceptions of truth and poetry especially intriguing to me, so I guess a program that is strong in critical theory, and especially poststructuralism, would be a bonus. But my main concern would be the Roman Imperial period. I am only really beginning to research Classics programs, so I really appreciate the feedback I've received so far!
  5. Greetings, I'm in the middle of an Master of Arts in Religion and am looking at pursuing a second masters in Classics before applying to PhD programs. Because Classics is not my primary field, I am looking for a program that offers a terminal Masters, and was wondering if any of you good folks here at Gradcafe might have advice as to the best programs which are both funded and also offer an MA in Classics. I've been looking mostly at University of Oregon, as that's closest to home for me, where my undergrad Classics Prof. got his degree, and it offers a Masters Degree with funding, but any advice on other possible programs would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  6. Isn't so nice to just KNOW, after these past few months?!?
  7. TTG49

    YDS MARc

    Yeah, I haven't received funding info from Duke, but am pretty sure it will be 22%. So, I've just gone ahead and officially accepted Yale's offer. You chose PTS right? I considered applying to PTS solely because of the center for Barth studies, lol! All told, it wouldn't have been a great fit otherwise, but I love Barth, and that would be awesome...! Anyway, that's a great program as well, and best of luck to you!
  8. TTG49

    YDS MARc

    That literature and theology program sounds awesome. I am just finishing my undergrad at a very secular state school in English, but have spent 7 years autodidactically studying the Bible and theology, which is my real interest. That being the case, I managed to slip in some theological issue or biblical text into virtually every paper I wrote, such that I feel like my undergrad degree might as well be in something like Literature and Theology ; ) In any case, I'm really excited that I'll be at a program with students in programs like Lit and Theology/Theology and the Arts and the dual degree with the school of Forestry's Master of Environmental Management... I feel like there's a lot of theologians who would greatly benefit from studying English lit/theory. But I'm probably biased that way!
  9. TTG49

    YDS MARc

    Anybody made their decision yet? I already paid my deposit for Yale, so I'm locked in, but wondering what you guys may be thinking or may have heard.
  10. Finally got my paper letter for Duke. No word of funding here either, I would expect that to come later. I will be turning it down though. But on the Notre Dame front, I logged into my application and it now has my rejection letter up. So at least that's officially done now!
  11. Sounds like a great fit. I think I saw somewhere you said you're at Warner Pacific? I have a friend from church who works there. Small world (or small city, I guess!). Best of luck man.
  12. I don't know, but when I asked the person who called me, they said it would be sent later, and that I could pretty much expect 22%. So, I wouldn't worry about that--it sounds like the financial aid info will be sent completely separately. Where are you leaning as far as Duke vs. Vanderbilt?
  13. Well, will you get the 22% or did you get one of those full scholarships...? Duke started out being my Number 1, and has been for years--I'm very much out of a postliberal kind of framework, and I'm an anabaptist. Hauerwas, Hays, all those guys are incredible. I'm also interested in systems of power and domination, and resistance thereto, and the younger faculty like Profs. Rowe and Portier-Young have done some great work that's kind of close to what I'd like to do (or think I'd like to do). But... I think the Yale concentrated program is a little more rigorous, and definitely more focused, and might be better PhD prep than Duke's MTS. Plus, I'm interested in apocalyptic lit and, well, John and Adela Collins would be great POIs. (BTW, thanks for getting that convo started on FB... reading those posts is really interesting!) So, I can relate to the difficulty--but I do think Yale's MARc program might be a little better PhD prep... And 50% funding is better than 22%, which is an issue for me with my already tens of thousands of undergraduate debt : P
  14. That's for the merit (full ride) scholarships right? I think pretty much everyone else can still expect the 22%...?
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