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  1. They can be good. A good friend of mine was part of a Gilles Deleuze reading group at Union Theological Seminary (New York) this past summer. I went with him once, they brought in a different scholar each week to lead discussion so it ended up being a very cool thing. I think it all depends though, so check it out and see if its worth continuing.
  2. There is this site called "Memrise" that has an app. Its a memorization app and people have uploaded a lot of languages onto it. My Greek TA used it with our class and I thought it was super helpful; I know people have put things like Wheelocks Latin on it as well. The cool thing is that you can use it on either the app or a browser. Outside of languages the only thing I can think of is the "Conclave" app that was out during the Papal election.
  3. Yeah, today was the last day of the semester so the offices closed round lunchtime.
  4. The PTS background check is more to do with the PC(USA) than with the school itself so I wouldn't worry about it too much.
  5. Hello, I currently pursuing a Masters of Divinity. My interests fall broadly under the history of religious thought and practice in the medieval and reformation periods. I've been researching Religious Studies programs that offer an emphasis on Church History. I've recently started looking more into History programs as well and am hoping you all can give me some pointers.
  6. If you have any question about PTS feel free to drop a PM.
  7. I'm interested in Historical theology from the Middle Ages to the Reformation and am wondering what, in you opinion, is more employable: a doctorate in church history or in theology is with a historical focus? For that matter, what sort of topics are even "sexy" these days in theology/church history, regardless of my stated interests?
  8. Princeton Theological Seminary is excellent with funding, most people get 80% funding or more, and even if you got NO funding full tuition is still lower than what you'd pay if you received a 50% offer from many comparable school. The downside is that you'll have to do an M.Div, however there are many students who are here getting the M.Div whose aim is Ph.D work, at the least its more time for languages.
  9. Awesome! Mine was too so I'll see you there.
  10. Drugazi, I am very interested to hear your perspective on one year degrees at European institutions, Leuven included. A lot of the doctoral students here have what seems to be the equivalent of a Th.M from schools like St. Andrews or Edinburgh.
  11. When reading about registration procedures for my school I remember seeing that they hold a certain number of slots specifically for ThM students. Maybe this is the case at your school as well.
  12. Thanks for the heads up. Just submitted a proposal.
  13. I've yet to start my Masters but have been killing time thinking about PhDs and was wondering if anyone could shed light on American students getting PhDs at British or European institutions, specifically Nottingham, Cambridge, Tübigen, and Leuven.
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