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Apps for the religion student


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So I just got an iPad for my birthday. I've already spent hours in the App Store and I started to think: are there any apps the rest of you think are essential for the religion student? I already found one I like for studying Latin. There seem to be an endless amount of Bible study apps.

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There is this site called "Memrise" that has an app. Its a memorization app and people have uploaded a lot of languages onto it. My Greek TA used it with our class and I thought it was super helpful; I know people have put things like Wheelocks Latin on it as well. The cool thing is that you can use it on either the app or a browser.


Outside of languages the only thing I can think of is the "Conclave" app that was out during the Papal election.

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I'll second the Memrise recommendation. They have a Greek that is keyed to my textbook. Super helpful. I have classmates that have also used it for Hebrew. Duolingo is good for modern languages. Conversational rather than reading knowledge, but a good supplement all the same. If you're MDiv or Biblical Studies, the Logos app is a halfway decent resource. Pretty basic, but really user-friendly.

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Greek apps: 

-Logeion for LSJ, better than Lexiphanes, and also free.

-Grammaticus for a searchable version of Smyth

-Ancient Greek is good, though not as full-featured as its Latin sister SPQR


Latin Apps:

-SPQR has some great resources, including texts, Lewis and Short, and a great verb parsing game. Better than Lexidium, though a bit more expensive (if I remember correctly.)

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