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  1. Sadly, my BSW isn't getting me very far I've spent the last year working at a community health agency for seniors as a program assistant. It ended up working out last year that I didn't get accepted for my MSW because I had to go through treatment as I was unfortunately diagnosed with the c-word. But now that I'm healthy I was totally ready to tackle the MSW! Guess it's not meant to be
  2. I've decided that I'm not going to reapply for a few years now...it's getting too expensive to keep getting rejected year after year. I went through a terrible year this past year and was finally hoping for a light at the end of the tunnel. No such luck
  3. It's my understanding that if you haven't heard from York yet, you'll be receiving a rejection letter in the mail. That's probably my fate! Two years in a row of trying to apply...super discouraging
  4. Still haven't heard from York...should I just accept that I've been rejected?
  5. So if I haven't heard from York yet, is it safe to assume I didn't get in? Sounds like everyone got a response.
  6. It's my second year applying for advanced standing MSW. I graduated with my BSW in June 2013 and began working as a program assistant in a seniors community health agency immediately after graduating. At this point, I have almost a year of work experience, my placement experience, and various volunteer opportunities that I took part in throughout university. Last year when I applied I was rejected; this year I re-applied and have so far been rejected at Waterloo, wait listed (again) at U of T. Now I'm waiting on York, but seeing as how people have gotten responses, it's pretty safe to assume I
  7. Just got an email from Ryerson that I have been rejected for admission... *Sigh* I guess I won't be going anywhere in September...This has been a very painful and stressful process for me. I did not have a very good year this year, and I had been hoping that getting in somewhere would finally bring a positive light on the year. Guess its back to the game next year!
  8. Ryerson has officially left me in limbo. People have gotten their acceptances already while I have heard NOTHING since I submitted my application in December. If I didn't receive any word yet, is it safe to assume I'm facing a rejection?
  9. As far as I know, Western only has a 1 year advanced standing program. I applied for it but was rejected.
  10. Any recommendations for the job search, since it is highly unlikely I will be able to pursue my MSW now? I know of charityvillage.com, workopolis, Indeed, monster...but not much luck! I've sent probably over 100 resumes in the last two months and nothing has come out of it. I'm just not qualified enough to get a job, and I'm not qualified enough to get an MSW. I'm so lost and could use any advice I can get! My experience is mainly with seniors, but I have some experience with adults and kids too. Here's my background story, since everyone gave theirs. I just graduated my BSW from Y
  11. Am I seriously going to be the only one on this forum to not get accepted anywhere?! Honestly, I've given up and am just looking for work, with plans to reapply next year.
  12. I'm so nervous to check the mail! I won't get my mail till after 5 today...what can I expect if it's an admissions package?
  13. U of T is my dream school for my MSW...I love the specialized streams, the placements available, and just the faculty itself. But sadly, my experience is nowhere near anyone's here. I did my BSW straight out of high school, I have only volunteer experience, and I'm very young. There are many others who have earned their spots. I think I'm just going to have to try again next year!
  14. Ryerson is making me very angry. When I called earlier this week, I was told decisions would be made available this week. Well the week is over and still nothing for me. No emails, no changes on RAMSS, no letters in the mail. What the hell, Ryerson?
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