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  1. Just got an email about the intensive language scholarship; unfortunately I didn't get it. Good luck to the rest of you!
  2. Wow the posts have really slowed down! I really hope we hear soon I really need to start making plans for the summer!
  3. Hhmm So it appears that they automatically consider you for the intensive language course scholarship when you apply for the other ones. I only applied to the intensive language scholarship. Hopefully this means they will start notifying us soon!
  4. I will most certainly post as soon as I hear from them either way! Congrats everyone!
  5. Thanks Miscfactory! Did you ever hear anything at all about them receiving your application? I know most agencies don't send things like that but I was just curious. Good luck! Where did you apply to? I think I applied to Leipzig and Dusseldorf. Do you know anyone that has done it before? It sounds like such a great way to spend a summer.
  6. Hhhmm I was hoping more people would have posted results the last few days! No one has heard about the "Intensive Language Scholarships" yet?
  7. Sorry to those who got rejection letters (I hate calling them "rejection letters"), Im slightly worried about my application now. I am a Masters student in Canada, and I applied for the intensive summer language course scholarship. I didn't sign up on that DAAD Online portal, I just sent my application to the DAAD office in New York. I remember seeing that another person on here applied for the same thing. Did you sign up on the online portal? At the risk of being an annoyance I may call the New York office in the next few days if I don't hear anything. Good luck to the rest of yo
  8. Sorry to hear that Kazarareta, Has anyone here ever been involved with the DAAD before? I'm really curious about the 2 month long 'intensive summer language scholarship' for graduate students. I've applied, but still waiting to hear back. Has anyone done this or know anyone that has? Also, I hope that if anyone in North America gets word from the New York office about it that they will kindly post and let us know
  9. Hey everyone, I also applied to the intensive language course for graduate students. Have you heard anything at all since you submitted your application?
  10. I will be attending Western for my MA in Classics in Sept. Their funding offer does change considerably when you win a SSHRC/OGS. My original offer was $18,000 (which included a few grand in entrance scholarships, ta ships, and general funding), then when I was awarded an OGS which is $15,000, it went up to $24,000 ($15,000 plus roughly $9,000 TAship). I was told if i win a SSHRC my total funding would go up to $28,000. I think Western's Factulty of Graduate Studies has a fairly standardized funding package, so yours should be something similar. It obviously goes up quite a bit, but they
  11. Thank you all so much. I think all of these comments have been valid and useful. Unfortunately my tuition will have to come out of that $16,000. I've looked up the stats on the SSHRC funding, and at the MA level, of the list of 24 top applications my home university sent out, 20 of them accepted the scholarship. I feel that my application is incredibly strong, seeing as for the MA level, they consider academic acheivments the most ( I have over a 90% major average). I also have a very extensive experience as President of our student soceity, which is very active in planning academic conference
  12. I am new to the forum, and posted this under another subheading before I saw this one, so I thought I'd post it here: I'm really having a hard time understanding how I can decide which offer to accept until I know if I've received a SSHRC CGS (masters) (I am on the "short list" that my home university sent out). Here is the situation: I received a really great funding offer from Western U. Since I am from Niagara, it wouldn't be a terribly difficult move. The department is smallish, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. However, I am not entirely sure with whom I would work. I'm sur
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