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  1. no! im so sorry to stress anyone out wasn't my intention!! please don't give up hope- no one knows what order they update the online files. It could be completely random!! and there is an extra spot since ill be rejecting
  2. thank you so much!! And no problem- im happy to help (i look to hear for all of my information!!) I have accepted U of T's offer I am from Toronto, so it was my first choice to stay where I have already laid my roots. I happy that this will open up a spot to someone who is waiting though!! Once I figure out how to decline! Best wishes to all
  3. Hi Everyone, I just wanted to tell you all to check your mywindsor (for all those waiting on it). I just checked mine and my status has changed from "referred to department" to "accepted final". Good luck to everyone!
  4. I received my offer in the mail on Monday April 15th. The letter stated that I had four weeks fromt he "date of the offer" to put in my deposit and accept. Then I noticed that the letter was actually dated April 11th. This would mean that I have until May 9th I believe?
  5. I have also been accepted to U of T's 2 year MSW but my York myfile has also told me that I am "unsuccessful", Also a little puzzled as I did my MA focusing on Equity/Social Determinants of Health, at York which I thought was the style they geared their MSW program towards (also two of my references are profs at York). BUT I am MORE than happy to accept my offer at U of T!!! This was by far my first choice Good luck to everyone!!!
  6. For all of those waiting on York... just found this very recent update on their Twitter account: (i will now be obsessively checking my myfile account! lol) Graduate SocialWork ‏@YorkUgradsowk 33m . @bookluver1965 Offers usually take Admissions a day or two to process. MyFile is updated instantly. Letters then mailed. Graduate SocialWork ‏@YorkUgradsowk 2h . @bookluver1965 The plan is to make a first round of offers, in the two-year MSW program, today.
  7. I received my acceptance from u of t last Monday and my offer said I have 4 weeks to accept/decline.... I'm waiting to hear from York to accept - hopefully they will put out offers/rejections in the next 3 weeks!!
  8. Thanks so much!! I am ridiculously happy! I will definitely have to celebrate this weekend. I think everyone can relate to the stress and anxiety this application process/ waiting game has caused!!! That sounds like fantastic experience and very unique which could definitely help you stand out. Here is a little bit about my personal experiences.. Bsc in psych GPA around 3.78 MA health policy and equity at York. About an A average Worked and volunteered in long term care homes/ retirement homes since first year university on and off Have been working as a research assistant and coordinator
  9. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be much rhyme or reason.... I was rejected from the u of t MA counselling psych program 2 weeks ago and it still says under review. And I was accepted for the MSW at u of t and t ALSO says under review
  10. Just received my offer in the mail from U of T!!!! I am still on shock - didn't think I had much of a chance considering Carleton and Laurier both wait listed me. Just goes to show you that each school is looking for something a little different. Thanks everyone for being so supportive and positive this is truly such a great group. Best of luck to everyone
  11. Thanks DreamingMSW I guess that is true! Can I just say that this forum is SO refreshing, everyone is so positive and encouraging. I applied to med school the past couple of years, and let me tell you.... those forums are AWFUL! people are so competitive and cut-throat!! Just so nice to see everyone supporting each other, makes me realize why I chose this field
  12. Did you receive the acceptance phone call for the 1 year program?
  13. Well I'm just being naive and hopeful lol. I did get the email from admissions saying I was on the wait list but my online status still says "under review" I'm not sure if this will ever update though? My first choice is u of t or York so that I would be in Toronto But the wait list at Carleton definitely discouraged me
  14. I am new as well! (Long time reader ) Also in the anxious wait for 2 year msw at u of t, WLU, Windsor and York!
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