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  1. Thanks for the clarification, will check it out at the end of April.
  2. First time I have heard of blue rewards....could you explain a bit more about it and where people could see this information !
  3. I believe usually the highest 25 gpa people addmitted into the 2 yr program normally gets the OGS (another 15 for 1yr I think). But I am not sure when people get notified. Looking for the same info here.... wonder when they will be announced / informed (maybe someone else on this forum already explored that question) !
  4. I am hoping that it wasn't the age ! Because I can tell you from my experience having already done a graduate degree in another subject, it would be the most boring/least creative class room to be in, where people are exactly the same (in all sorts of things, including thinking; diversity in class room is a very useful thing). We need all types of people in a class room, and I can also tell you, when I was doing my graduate degree some years ago now, I as a 24 yr old found the oldest person in my research group and also the classes (same 55+ yr old person btw), to be most flexible, creative, c
  5. Hi All, I have been following this blog for sometime now and it has given me so much information over the time, I think the information here is very useful for anyone applying or planning to apply in the future (of course I only saw the blog after I applied hence I didnt get to use any of the tips from this blog). I wanted to ask a question, perhaps there are few members here that might have an answer to that. I am wondering if your ROSI (for U of T applicants/ students already) changed after the decision on your application. It did for me it went from being nothing there to to being i
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