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  1. Just an update. Still nothing yet! April 15th can't come fast enough!
  2. NCSU told me I am the first on the wait list for funding! Keeping my fingers crossed that something happens!!!
  3. I emailed the grad director and gave him my number to call me as soon as he has news. He knows that they are my program of choice.
  4. I am not sure what to do.. I have a full offer from one school but my program of choice has me first on the funding wait list.. So if someone turns down the assistantship package it is mine! What do I do? I still haven't heard anything yet.
  5. Thank you Meanyus- please let me know if you find out more information. I tried to get the grad director to tell me where I am on the funding waitlist but all he told me was that he would find out more from the first round funded students this week.
  6. No, I wasn't aware of any visit. I have to teach anyway. I am assuming the first round funded students got the invite? Obviously if funding doesn't come my way I'll have to go somewhere else.
  7. Hi All! Had no idea there was such a forum. Out of 8 applications I was accepted to DU(with funding) and NCSU (Still waiting on funding). My hope is that NCSU will come through(my top choice). Congrats to you all who got an offer!
  8. I am still waiting to hear about funding for the Communication and Rhetoric program(PhD)……...
  9. I study visual rhetoric and national identity ... Maybe something with film? What's your area?
  10. University of Illinois said no today=(
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