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  1. Anyone moving to Houston I know of a good house you can buy.

  2. My wife and I are moving with our daughter (currently 3 months old) to a different state for school, but the moving costs won't be too bad. We will most likely be only living off of my stipend. It is quite a generous stipend so that makes things easier. My wife will probably stay home most of the day, but she plans on going back to school in the spring or fall of next year. We are hoping by then that our income will have decreased enough that she will get grants and possibly loans with subsidized interest at the point. Also, it will help that by then we will be residents so we will be pay
  3. I did my undergrad and got my Master's from Texas Tech, so I am quite familiar with the area. I also grew up in a nearby town, so let me know if you have any more questions. Lubbock is a pretty standard college town. I love Lubbock, but my wife hates it. Most of what college students do is go drinking. I am not saying that they are all alcoholics, but thats just what they choose to do. On main street near campus is where a lot of people like to go, mostly undergrads. There are more bars around town that are aimed at older people and grad students. Until this past year Lubbock was a dry
  4. @mitzdoodle i am actually beginning to think it is my wife's Valentine's present arriving a few days late.

  5. I get a little sad at first. Then I think well at least they haven't rejected me yet. I am actually quite proud that despite my relatively weak profile I have a possibility of being on the wait list for one of the top programs in the world. It also helps that I have two top choices, and I got in to one of them.
  6. My wife and I are planning on renting a house when we first move down there if we decide on Arkansas. Does anyone have suggestions of areas that are good or areas to avoid? Also, are the management companies that rent out the houses good, or are there any that people have problems with?
  7. I think maybe it is a combination of both. I know in Accounting a lot of the Professors have been gone to conferences up until this week, so they haven't had time to look at everything. I expect it to pick up any day now.
  8. My plan B was to just keep my current job as it pays quite well and the benefits are great. Also, if I stayed here one more year I could probably actually get in to a slightly better program next year and have some extra funding. However, I can't wait another year and I don't think I will have to.
  9. Normally I would say to politely decline due to the costs involved, but since you are already in that city the costs would be minimal. I would do it so you can see what another program is like. I went to visit a school lower on my list even though I was fairly certain I was in at a higher choice, but after visiting the school it is in serious contention for my decision.
  10. It depends on the school and the program. Some schools bring in a large number of people, but a couple of schools I talked to only bring in the people they plan on making offers to. It is hard to say, but usually if you get an interview it is a good sign.
  11. I just got back from my first interview and I felt that it went good, and I am leaving for another one tomorrow. I will talk more about these later, but I wanted to talk briefly about all of the worries people are having regarding their LORs. I know a lot of people say that the LOR is one of the most important parts of the application, and that without them it is hopeless. While that may be true for some programs at some schools, I can tell you that it is definitely not the case everywhere. Both of the schools where I am interviewing invited me to the interviews before they had my LORs. I
  12. 25 It seems like a good age to start to me. Since my program can be finished in four years at a few schools I applied to, I could possibly still be in my 20s when I get my first job as a Professor.
  13. I will introduce a steak to my tummy.
  14. 1. My wife. 2. My parents. 3. The results page. 4. My LOR writers. 5. The world, possibly via facebook.
  15. I tried this. It took me about 15 minutes to give in and check my e-mail.
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