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  1. I got my letter two days ago - I won the CGS and I have no scholarly publications at all. Now, I'm in the first year of a PhD program in the humanities. My rough-and-ready sense of this is that they care most of all about how you formulate your idea and write your proposal. This was how various program directors and workshop leaders pitched it to us anyway.
  2. People with Toronto PhDs frequently get jobs in America, especially if they work in a medieval or early modern specialty. McGill, Queen's, Alberta, UBC and Western Ontario PhDs sometimes do, too, but (and I'm basing this on the job placement information these departments post on their sites) usually at smaller regional schools. Aspire, are there any factors that would rule out your teaching in Canada? I'm entirely a product of the Canadian system so I am naturally a booster, but in any case I think there are many good things to be said for it.
  3. I have assembled a team of which I am very proud. 1. William Empson 2. Susan Sontag 3. Lucretius 4. Randall McLeod
  4. I can speak to the Canadian context, where many if not most MA programs just take a year (UBC and McGill are the two exceptions I can think of). I'm in my second semester of an MA program, I made PhD applications last fall, and at the moment I've received four offers (all Canadian). You genuinely may have to solicit your BA professors for letters again, and use undergraduate work for your writing sample, but, at least in my limited experience, none of these were deal-breakers (I had to use undergraduate work as my sample when applying to what is generally considered to be our country's best En
  5. Hey Diakonos, I'm in BC, and just got my letter yesterday - pretty much immediately before I got it, I received an email very much like the one you received. From McGill too, actually (they were the school I named in my application, although not the one I'll be attending). So I am quite sure you did win it. Stats when I applied: I was finishing my Honours BA 3.92 CGPA (4.0 in major subject) No TA-ships or RA-ships Six internal scholarships
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