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  1. Don't let the current 'rebuilding' of NT at Notre Dame put you off from applying. Both Fitzgerald and Lincicum will take students, and in the next two years two more NT faculty will be added (to account for Moss's departure and D'Angelo's retirement). At the same time, the early Christianity faculty is very strong (top in the country), and plenty of opportunities to study with Classics faculty. I should add that I am a current CJA PhD student, and, to @Onthenahar, if you are interested in 2nd and 3rd century, CJA is probably a better fit. If what you are interested in is history of doctr
  2. Thanks! That was me - very excited to be attending ND in the Fall!
  3. I know some of you heard from the Catholic University for theology quite a while ago. Has anyone heard from the interdisciplinary program in early Christian studies?
  4. For the other(s) who was/were wait-listed at Marquette (PhD), was there any indication in your e-mail regarding what place you are on the wait list...?
  5. Hi all, I will be interviewed in a few weeks, and I am wondering what the most commonly asked questions are in interviews for doctoral programs. I'm sure a number of you have been through lots of interviews before, and I think it might be helpful to compile questions for those preparing for interviews in the future. Thanks!
  6. It seems likely that all of them have gone out. I received an invitation on Saturday (having applied for CJA), and it seems some other people did on Sunday. The e-mail said that they invited approximately twice as many applicants as they can offer spots to. So this is a real interview situation.
  7. Yeah. I feel pretty bummed out about it (ND) to be honest. It is by far my best fit. I've been in touch with a couple of profs who were very encouraging. Competitive numbers. Very good references. Forthcoming publications, and a few book reviews. Conference presentations. I've been working so hard for this.... Maybe you guys are right though....
  8. Do you know about the 'result search'? It looks like a couple of people heard the other day....
  9. So, who got the Duke interviews? Anyone here? (Not me....)
  10. Any word from Notre Dame? Seems that usually get word out re: interviews around this time.
  11. Was it wrong from me to have interpreted this as meaning that I would get an e-mail first thing this morning...?
  12. Honestly, I'm not sure when it changed! I had some trouble with the system early on. I am also not 'banking' on the British schools I am applying to, since they are notorious for having scanty funds (at least for international students - which I am, being Canadian). However, if funding were forthcoming I would be much more excited!
  13. No word on my end yet.... Best to post this in the other thread (PhD application chit chat).
  14. Still "Under Consideration by Degree Committee," after having had an interview. You?
  15. Have applied to the Catholic University, though in the centre for early Christian studies, not in theology. No news yet....
  16. Haven't heard from Duke yet! (not that I necessarily would....)
  17. Is anyone here terribly optimistic...? Isn't graduate school simply an exercise in self-abasement?
  18. Seems like we're a little slow in getting started this year.... So name your sub-discipline and programs applied to - then let us know when you receive rejections (or the rare acceptance). Sub-discipline: early Christianity Programs applied to: Duke - early Christianity Yale - ancient Christianity Notre Dame - Christianity and Judaism in antiquity Columbia - Christianity in Late Antiquity Marquette - historical theology CUA - early Christianity interdisciplinary graduate program Oxford (still working on application) Cambridge Best of luck to everyone!
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