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  1. It took quite a lot. I accepted the offer near the end of March and received I-20 in May......so it took more than a month!
  2. Yes, I got it even twice because of an error in first one. F-1 VISA interview is reserved in next week. By the way, I got wrong vaccine for 'TDAP'. So I have to take it again!! Waste of money
  3. I finally got a mail from Cornell informing me additional steps for international accepted student. It seeems they took long time to process things up
  4. Thanks! Another nice waiting
  5. Hello again Is there any person here requiring I-20 or some documents for F-1 visa? Does your department normally inform you about it? (Which means I just need to relax and wait?) Or Should it be done by my own hands contacting international-blah-institution in Cornell?
  6. Hey babubot, with this thread, I think we can find some info from the thread below.
  7. Yes, Plant Biology. Astronomy and Space Sciences sounds awesome.......and difficult
  8. OK Koyote So which program are you going to attend? Nice to see one more Cornell guy
  9. Thanks, Germanstudent. I think I have got too paranoid. I'd rather stay calm.
  10. Hey Germanstudent When did you submit your acceptance? I did it on the last day of March and still no reply.....hmmm
  11. Hi guys, I'm going to attend Cornell from this Fall, too. I submitted my "acceptance" at their decision response website. But there have been no reply mail or something. I hope I didn't accidentally send "decline"......!!!
  12. Thanks for quick response, IncretinEffect! You got accepted to 6 and that must be a hard decision to pick one! I only have to send one decline but it still hurts I appreciate your form
  13. Hey guys Now it is time to decline one program for the sake of another. I wish I had been accepted to just one program so that I don't have to make any decision. By the way....I've already seen some posts about these but could you show me any form of declining e-mail? I know here are many excellent applicants accepted to many programs at the same time. You must have some auto-form like the schools sending for rejections. (Situation reversed!) Any idea or would you show me some forms? Frankly speaking, I am exhausted to make some formal kind wording....
  14. She said the best thing about MIT was not its research, program, nor the professors (all of which are already stellar), but its peers. They become your friends for life, she said. -----> This is an impressive comment! Actually sometimes I learn more from my peers, too.....lol
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