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  1. I'm not looking to cause any trouble here, but I just want to put out a general PSA on behalf of everyone that has been waitlisted - PLEASE don't wait until the last minute. Please. It's human decency, really. Of course you have every right to take every hour until April 15 to decide, and I understand that these are not decisions to be taken lightly, but for the love of god, if you know what you want to do, just pull the trigger and cut the other schools loose. At least register your rejections at the places you know you won't be attending. Do it for your fellow comrades-in-arms who are all ho
  2. Has anyone else experienced radio silence from Northwestern? I didn't receive an interview request, but I also haven't been rejected... Seems a bit odd. Not sure what to think of it. My thumbs may yet fall off from all of this twiddling.
  3. The situation: my BA is in History and Literature (an interdisciplinary degree), and I wrote my thesis on historical philosophy. I'm currently applying to art history PhD programs. I've had a good deal of art history coursework, plus a hefty quantity of independent study (that is to say, I am not insecure about my ability to hold my own in graduate-level art history studies). The query: what to do for my writing sample. My thesis, which I am incredibly proud of and believe represents my best writing and scholarship, is over 100 pages, but my last chapter (given some editing) could probabl
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