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  1. I think I'm going to! I hope somebody from my dept gets them too. I was sports-deprived too...my undergrad's mascot was the "green wave" and I don't think our football team ever won. Sooo if you need a grad school buddy to go to games with, I'll go!
  2. Kandeya--I called Gina today and she was able to tell me the news (unfortunately for me they didn't get any $$ for French). Soooo I'm in Berkeley, signed a lease, and...will either be selling my eggs (jk...I think) or breaking my lease and going home. I hope you get funding!
  3. Congrats! Did anyone else not hear anything yet? I'm guessing they'd tell me if I didn't get it, but maybe not:/
  4. My bf and I drove from PA to CA. We decided to make it a true roadtrip and stopped at a bunch of national parks along the way (camping=cheap). We stuffed as much as we could into the car and each shipped about 2 boxes. It's a pain in the ass once you get there, though. We spent a week looking at apartments and are still living in a hotel eating sandwiches waiting for Aug 1 lease to start.
  5. Rumor has it that departments will receive funding info sometime next week!
  6. I'm in the same boat. I will get the fellowship if my school receives the same amount of funding in years past. I haven't heard a thing, and have followed up multiple times with the FLAS coordinator. She said she hasn't heard anything from the Dept. of Education and is expecting to any day now. Sighhhhh.
  7. And after all that...he chose Berkeley. Boys confuse me
  8. Sooo I got a letter today that I was nominated by my dept for the FLAS (already had been told by a faculty member via phone call) and would be told of my status once "funding was confirmed" in June. Does this mean if they get amount of money they're assuming that I will get the fellowship (ie I've already gotten past the competitive process) or are they just making me aware that I was nominated so I have incentive to go there? This is all really irrelevant since it's my top choice school and nowhere else has offered me anything but loans, I'm just curious and will probably go crazy by June!
  9. I also did all the visiting in undergrad! In grad school I understand his reasoning for wanting me to do all the flying (he's doing a PhD and has to work weekends, while I'm doing an MPH that focuses more on coursework). And he did offer to pay for my tickets. Lol, I know. Apparently "more laid back" means that UChicago only expects ~60 hrs/week in lab vs. Berkeley which wants 70+? Thanks, everyone, for your helpful responses. He just finished visiting Berkeley yesterday so we're going to talk about it on Sunday. Current status is that he "could be happy" at Berkeley, but UChicago is still the best choice for him. He didn't officially choose yet, but I think this tells me all I need to know. His PhD is his priority, and at 22 years old I can't really blame him. But at the same time his stated level of committment (he wanted to get engaged this summer) isn't matching up with his actions, so I think I know what I have to do tomorrow.
  10. Disclaimer: I'm assuming you've been with your bf for awhile and are almost positive this is the real deal and have no doubts about your relationship. In that case: I think you should follow him. You love him, grad school is a great opportunity to see how you guys deal with stressful situations together, and if you do break up you're still at a fantastic school. I know the money seems like a huge obstacle now, but in the grand scheme of things it probably isn't much (you can apply to every fellowship possible for the remainder of your schooling there). You can't put a price tag on your lifelong companion.
  11. I've been with my boyfriend for 5 years. We met in high school (best friends), dated throughout college (long distance), and are now finally close enough to see each other almost every weekend! He's finishing up his last year in college, while I'm working for a year. We agreed that the relationship was serious enough that we'd like to go to the same grad school, which is why I took a year off (so we could choose together). Well, we both got into our top choice school (Berkeley). I should be ecstatic, but... He's fallen in love with a different school (U Chicago). The atmosphere (students are way more laid back), the city, a certain PI.. Chicago is not even an option for me b/c it wasn't on our mutual list of schools. He applied there "just in case something happened btw us." I'm having trouble being understanding of his situation because Berkeley is the #1 PChem school (his course of study) and has a large dept. I've been (unfairly) pressuring him to choose Berkeley. He definitely doesn't want to break up and views a long distance relationship as a viable option b/c he's going to be so busy and because my program is only 2 yrs long. The closest we could be is Chicago and Michigan (~4 hr drive), but I think I've reached my limit w/ LDRs (I'm having enough trouble only seeing him on weekends). I'd also like to get really involved in grad school and not run away for the summer/every break to see him, like I did in undergrad. Really, all that got me through senior year was that there was an end in sight Is anyone else in a similar situation? Advice? Feel free to be blunt if I'm being completely unreasonable.
  12. EbolaZaire


    My top choice school contacted me saying I was admitted and that they "recommended" me for the FLAS fellowship. They said they wrote a strong LOR in my favor, and that I should find out in a few months. Does anybody have a clue about how competitive it is to get the fellowship after you've been recommended from the department? I couldn't get a read as to whether this was just a preliminary step in the fellowship application process or if only administrative stuff was left.
  13. Hi everyone, I graduated from Tulane University last May with a degree in Cell & Molecular Biology. I know where I'd stand in Biology PhD admissions, but I'm clueless on how competitive Epidemiology MPH programs are. Any honest advice would be appreciated! Here is some info about me to help: GPA: first 2 years of college @ University of Delaware--3.3. Last 2 at Tulane--3.85. Is my lower GPA at UDel going to hurt me a lot? The bulk of the "bad" grades were chemistry... Research experience: 4 different labs (1 biochem, 2 microbiology research, 1 public health research), did a senior thesis project, presented at 1 minor conference Took 4 graduate level public health courses (3 epi, 1 biostats) Currently working as a lab tech on a public health/microbiology project. My list of schools to apply to is (all for a concentration of infectious disease epi or something similar): Yale, Emory, U Mich, Berkeley, GWU, Georgetown (MS Biohazardous threats and emerging infectious diseases), Pitt (PA resident). Also applying to PhD program in Epi of Microbial Diseases (Yale) and Biological Sciences in Public Health (Harvard). Chances? Thanks!
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