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  1. UGHHH I'm supposed to find out whether or not I get an interview this week. Silence. It's Thursday and I'm still sitting on radio silence. DJFISJDF:KILSJDF:LKDJKEYBOARDSMASH
  2. It's hard to lit review when all you want to do is sushi. 

  3. According to my weather app, it's gonna be warm tomorrow and this weekend! I can finally jog in Forest Park without feeling like Mr. Freeze is punching my face. But yeah, this makes me miss SoCal and it's fantastic weather :/
  4. During my Masters, I picked up drinking. IPAs make As. But on a serious note, I like to draw, play the piano, play video games, run, rockclimb, and drink.
  5. If MyFitnessPal is listening, y'all gotta partner up with Postmates/Seamless/Grubhub/Delivery.com. Whenever someone hits "Stress eating," you refer them to a food and booze delivery service. OOOH! And maybe include a period tracker in MFP so it gives you discount codes during that time of the month.
  6. I wish MyFitnessPal had a "Stress eating" option where you select "Stress eating" and it just....ignores that day, as if it never happened.
  7. I'm supposed to find out my waitlist status "By the third week of February." I'm so full of anxiety that I don't know what I'm doing. I'm so delusional that I got dressed and put on makeup just to make myself feel better....even though I work from home and my coworker is my cat.
  8. When I'm stressed, I can't poop. Needless to say, this week has been rough.
  9. I find out next week regarding my wait list status. I don't know if I want this week to go by faster or slower.......
  10. I did not contact anyone aside from the admissions office. Not sure if that was a mistake or not....
  11. Pokedex it is! Thanks guys. Also if you want to dress up your phones (or yourself) in nerdy glory, check out Redbubble.
  12. I refuse to look at my application material from this cycle but when I was applying for my MPH, I wrote that I attended "UC Berkekeley". It's genuinely shocking I've made it this far academically.
  13. You guys want something completely stupid, mindless, and nonsensical to do? My phone is having an identity crisis. Help it get dressed, please.
  14. Yikes.... If I were you I'd go buy concealer, like right now in case it bruises and shows. If you can, also pick up some color correcting ones -- green to cancel out redness, yellow/orange for purple and blue.
  15. Yeah of course, if you want to rotate with them and...well, if you actually plan on attending that school. Otherwise, I would let it go.
  16. This is kind of a stupid question...but I just got an email to reapply for FAFSA. Am I supposed to if I'm intending to start a fully funded program next academic year?
  17. Nope. I didn't email anyone specific, only the admissions regarding logistics (i.e. status of my documents, interview scheduling, etc.). I personally don't think it affected my application chances.
  18. My alma mater <3 I miss it so. Congratulations!
  19. Is there an alternate interview day? I would call the administrator/coordinator and tell him/her that you're feeling ill. Unplanned situations like that happen; it would be unfair to penalize you over it.
  20. I made the mistake of checking my student loans. Holy anxiety. This Master's degree was a waste of time and money......
  21. There are many things you can do. You can work in the field. That way you can buff your resume with relevant experience for your potential PhD track. If you have poor grades from undergrad, you re-take some classes or pursue a post-bacc or a Masters. If you have time (and money), you can re-take the GRE. Depending on the program, you may have to take a subject test so prepare for that too.
  22. I don't remember what field you're in, but if it's in the sciences, the NIH has a great lecture on interviewing for grad school. Hell, even if you're not I think it's worth a watch because they do go over interview etiquette. http://videocast.nih.gov/summary.asp?Live=9809&bhcp=1 Good luck!
  23. Keep your chin up! Like you said, you haven't gotten an interview...YET. It'll come!
  24. Sigh. WashU just told me to expect either an invitation or a rejection by the third week of February. I'm part of their preliminary waitlist -- too good to reject, not good enough to invite. It's most likely a rejection considering recruitment weekend is the fourth week of February, but a part of me is like "...so you're telling me there's a chance?" Side rant: it's the Washington University in St. Louis NOT the University of Washington in St. Louis. UDUB IS NOT WASHU.
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