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  1. I received FLAS Fellowships at two schools, both UNC Chapel Hill and Ohio State. Both of them had that same problem, which was part of the reason I choose to pass on each of them. The program I choose cost me money, but it was where I really wanted to go anyway. Had the funding been 100% guaranteed I might have considered one of those programs just because of the lack of future debt. Good luck on your decision.
  2. It seems that departments have begun notifying students who are receiving FLAS Fellowships. I'm wondering if anyone has been notified yet? So far I've been notified that I received FLAS Fellowships at UNC: Chapel Hill as well as Ohio State.
  3. I just returned from an interview conference at Texas A&M's Bush School of Government and Public Service for a MA International Affairs. I was blown away by the department as well as the university itself. College Station is small, but it seems like it could be fun. The campus is awesome, especially the Rec Center, and the sports will be fun to get involved in. As for the Bush School -- I thought it would be a very conservative program, but it turned out to be very non-partisan, which was something reiterated by former President Bush Sr when we met him there. The area, of course, i
  4. I got mine last week as well. I'm in for International Development. It's fallen in rank on my list though because, as a former Peace Crops Volunteer, the only real benefit to that Fellows Program is to take an extra class each quarter and finish in 4 quarters total, which seems very short for grad school. I had a few friends who did it and they liked the school but felt they were out of there too quickly.
  5. Received two emails today from two difference schools and both of them were just advertising their Open House Meet & Greets that are happening in late-March. I'm actually quite shocked by the amount of Spam Mail I've received from schools throughout the grad school process. When I have received acceptance emails, half the time they come from a director's private email address, so I don't even expect it to be important anymore when I see an email from one of the Department addresses.
  6. I agree with this. My app status never changed and the department emailed me saying I was accepted. The letter took an almost two weeks to get here after that. So, some departments don't seem to update the online status. I've noticed this in multiple schools and have completely stopped looking on the schools I haven't heard from yet.
  7. The only programs I've hear from fit more into IA, which are Diplomacy at Seton Hall, and IA at Texas A&M Bush School. In at Seton. Texas sent the interview conference invite a few weeks ago and I'm headed there in March. Also got into Josef Korbel School at Denver last week, but that's IS, though they have a variety of programs so they must be sending out all their letters now.
  8. I got an $11,000 / year scholarship offer from a school the day before they received my letter informing them I was rejecting their admission offer.

  9. What did you do differently this year?

  10. congrats!!! it is always worth it to try

  11. Last year I received all rejections. It wasn't easy, but I ended up deciding to spend the year clearing off all my debts, saving all the money I could, and buffing up my credentials. I decided to reapply for Fall 2010, but have a fallback plan this time: I'd take all the money I'd saved and move back to Eastern Europe where I'd lived for a number of years. I guess my higher GRE scores, better letters of rec, and strong purpose statements worked because I've already gotten into most of my top schools and interview with another one in two weeks. I still have a few schools out there that have
  12. I was also curious about this. I had to delay my graduation by a semester because my father became seriously ill with cancer and I had to withdraw from all but one of my classes (that teacher allowed me to continue my studies via email). I ended up with a few W's and No Credits. The following semester I took the final classes I needed and graduated with department honors. I have a 3.45 overall with a 3.85 Major GPA, and a 1310 on my GRE. I know my overall scores are decent to high but those W's at the end will look strange. You recommend either adding something to my SOP or putting an adde
  13. I took the GRE yesterday and I ended up with a 570V / 740Q. I'm pretty sure I did very well on the writing (5-6 range). I had only been trending around 600Q, so that was a good surprise. I'm looking to apply to International Studies programs (Denver, George Washington, Georgetown, NYU) and I'm wondering if you think I should retake the test. I believe my verbal score was hurt when I got hit with two reading passages in a row and ran super-low on time. The rest of my resume is: BA English (Professional Writing) Major (3.4 overall, 3.75 major, Honors) 3 Years in US Peace Corps (extend
  14. I've got the GRE coming up on Tuesday, and while I have a rather large vocabulary, I've been using the Kaplan GRE word list and their flashcard pack to refresh specific definitions and refresh the synonyms. While there are occasionally words I've been dumbfounded by, usually my practice test mistakes come from not having a specific enough knowledge of the word. I've seen my practice scores improve from 580s to 680+, so hopefully when I take the test I'll stay above 650. As a side note, I think that the Kaplan GRE Verbal Flashcards are a great buy if you don't like writing out all the cards
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