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  1. Hello folks. I am a current A&M student that is nearing completion of the program. I have noticed several posts here that are incorrect. First, almost everyone gets the same stipend of $18,000. A few are able to negotiate more or receive additional support from within the university. I so far do not know anyone admitted with a half stipend or no stipend. They value equality in the program so we are all basically on the same playing field with the same investment in the program. We are all funded as RAs the first four years and mostly GAs after that. We DO NOT pay tuition but we do pay f
  2. Glad we are all going. Housing is the next hurdle!
  3. I agree with AP. From what I know of your options, Houston is the clear winner. Besides, I like the general neighborhood.
  4. Just cruise the hallways and listen for shit talk? I am good at that as I have been in a similar environment. That building is pretty damn sweet as academic facilities go.
  5. The Political Science visit is in a few weeks and I am excited as well. I think the PoSci dept is in the same building as the Bush School.
  6. Peace and conflict resolution in practice.
  7. I am really disappointed in the way things have turned out around here.
  8. Sometimes physical violence can work as a persuasive tool. I would keep this in mind as April 15th draws near... Seriously, good luck guys!
  9. This is exactly what I was thinking. There are some folks here with real confidence and security issues. Who cares whether he lied or not? It is the internet! I'll take their word for it as inspiration to know I need to work harder. Good luck in grad school with these attitudes.
  10. For the record, I never thought you were saying that you were too good. One issue with the internet or texting is that is difficult to convey emotion or expressions that help convey your true intentions. Sometimes it seemed like you were being elitist, but after we discussed the issues about rankings and all this before, and I was cordial and respected your opinion which is why I was pushing to bring up your consistent negative ratings. I didn't think anyone should get negative ratings for disagreeing with others or posting conflicting viewpoints. As for point 2, that is why I was defending yo
  11. Wow, that is scary. How do you think that happened?
  12. I think she posted personal info here, and then asked an anonymous question there. Everyone knew it was her because of the schools she was asking about. It was not cool on any level. This whole episode has caused me to rethink the way I conduct myself online.
  13. No I agree that she hasn't played the right game, but that still does not warrant the personal attacks. I just thought the people on PSJR were entirely too predatory. You are also correct that she should have known not to post there.
  14. While I agree with some of what you are saying, we already had a civil discussion of elitism a while back. There was disagreement, and hopefully everyone was able to examine more closely what they were saying. Either way, nobody deserves to be treated with malice or ill-intent, and that is what was going on over at PSJR. That site is mostly diarrhea, and should be treated as such. There is NO reason to attempt to sabotage anyone's career, or attempt to out people on what should anonymous boards. Grant it, people should use more discretion in what they say, but this does warrant what happen. Pe
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