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  1. Hey! I was accepted to Columbia last week and University of Denver the week prior. I was wondering if any of prospective students participated in a fellowship or assistantship? I am really nervous about the cost, and also the expenses to live up there! I am assessing the pro's and con's to each school and it is extremely difficult!! Any suggestions?
  2. I applied on Dec 1st as well. I got the same response that decisions should be made around March 1st! Crossing my fingers, good luck to you all!!
  3. I submitted my materials Jan 10th, and called about a financial aid question and they let me know I was accepted! I also had the (accept/decline) buttons on the bottom of my application!! Good luck!!!
  4. Just curious, has anyone heard back from Denver, Columbia, or WashU? Denver has told me that the decisions should be made soon! I am anxiously waiting, and it is almost unbearable!!!!! Also, does anyone know anyone that attends those schools? If I got in, it would be a tough call! Any opinion would help!
  5. Hello, I was wondering if you were willing to release your stats on the University of Denver? Your GPA, volunteer/work experience etc.? I am waiting for a decision on admission, and they said it should be soon. From the looks of it, they have a wonderful program.
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