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  1. Also when did you get your acceptance? And how many interviews did you have before receving it?
  2. As far as culture goes, you can see from several blogs on the internet that the culuture at KAUST is nothing like the culture elsewhere in Saudi Arabia, the rgular laws and rules of SA dont apply in there. There are several westerners living in KAUST and a simple google search will turn up several blogs with their views on living there. KAUST has its own film theatre, swimming pool, diiving/scuba, kayaking facilities and stuff. As far as your second question is concerned if you look at the EE page on the KAUST website you will see that they have collaborations with and professors from Stan
  3. See results page. They've started sending out emails
  4. I don't think you should contact the professor about REVERSING a decision that's already made. An email i received form UCLA (after submitting my application, and AFTER the submission deadline was over) actually encouraged students to contact professors:
  5. Same here, I'll keep hoping even if there is the slightest of hope left And there will be that, until you get a rejection email.
  6. More acceptances in the results!
  7. The website says "You can log into this web site in early March to see our admissions decision". So I guess maybe a week or two more before everything is sorted out.
  8. Anyone called the admissions office today? Not picking up....Guess they got tired of the phone calls
  9. Hi! I'm applying for the summer@EPFL internship program. Could someone help me with my motivational statement (which is basically the same thing as a statement of purpose)? Reply here and I'll PM you the statmement.
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