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  1. apt hunt begins tomorrow!

  2. gave notice at work!

  3. stress case

    1. Dreamingofclinical


      awhhh why so stressed?

    2. hamster


      its just tough being caught between two lives, two cities. still working but planning for school.

  4. Thanks. I will be moving from San Francisco to Pennsylvania. When you say slow, do you mean a month or more? and this is just books, right? any idea if it were books + clothes?
  5. Does anyone know the cheapest way to ship books, clothes cross-country? The USPS is always advertising their flat rate (up to 70 lbs) priority mail but I am not sure that is the best option. Thanks! I'm also flying with a cat and have been told it is too dangerous to drug him.
  6. I think I'm screwed

  7. Don't worry. There will be others like you. I bet some of those at recruitment weekend were faking it a bit to fit in. I know I did a little. I come from a similar background to yours plus I'm an older nontraditional student and I was afraid of sticking out like a sore thumb. Maybe you could befriend an oldster like me, we usually know the pleasures of escapist reads and (very) occasional clubbing.
  8. I think craigslist is your best bet. It started in the Bay Area and is heavily used here as a consequence. When I was an undergrad, many moons ago, we used the campus housing office and/ or people posted flyers but I bet most stuff is online now. I would also ask the school or current grad students.
  9. Good to hear. Yeah, my BIL is so proud of her. He has started his own business now and it has been very successful as he has good skills. and because they both have such different yet somewhat flexible schedules, it allows them to not have their daughter in day care. You can tell she gets a lot of love and attention. I actually wouldn't mind finding a nice BC guy in Philly.
  10. My half sister is a pediatrician, her husband is a blue collar guy who never went to college. They are one of the happiest couples I know, my BIL is a great guy.
  11. Well, I work full time so I will be finishing up here. and hopefully saving some more $ for the move to Philly. I'm going in June to find an apartment for 8/1. July, I will sell or give away all my worldly possessions except for sentimental or essential items. Then the cat and I will be flying cross country. I hope he does well My sister is getting married 2 days before the first day of school and I am in the wedding so I need to figure that timeline out. I asked my adviser for a copy of her grant and started reading. I have a couple books on grad school. There is also a project I am doing
  12. hamster

    Temple U

    Hi I am not looking for a roommate but if I were, I would use craigslist primarily. It also looks like Temple's Housing office may be able to help too. I saw some links on their site. Good luck!
  13. hamster

    Temple U

    Congrats on finding such a good deal on rent! Any idea how much a studio would go for in the "museum area"? or in South Philly? Thanks!
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