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  1. Anybody interviewed by Baylor hear back from them yet? I thought we were supposed to hear something last week.
  2. Anybody know anything about where UVA is in the process? Any hope for additional offers?
  3. I emailed in to UVA and haven't heard anything. I wasn't wait listed but wasn't rejected. Anybody have any idea when I might get some resolution on that? This has been a rough application cycle for me, they are my last hope!
  4. @therealhogwarts, were you notified by Emory that you were on their wait list? I don't see any wait listed people listed on the results page and I haven't heard from Emory one way or another. I am trying to figure out where I stand. Cheers
  5. So I have yet to actually post on here, but is it possible that people are just posting their acceptances on the Results Search just to mess with people? My understanding is that Yale doesn't usually accept or reject anyone until later in March. This coming from a friend in the program. I am also hopeful that this is the case because I would have loved that spot. I haven't heard anything from them and so far have 2 rejections and 4 applications where I have not heard anything.
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