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  1. Dear fellow grad student community, I am in the process of writing my prospectus for a Ph.D. program in literature, but am having a lot of trouble synthesizing the three different literatures I am working with and finding a good framework for them. I keep feeling very stuck and am not sure how to think outside of the (or my) box. Is there any kind soul who might be willing to puzzle through this with me? I can attach the file here, or email it - alternatively, I can just give a brief description as a comment. Thank you SO much. Sincerely, Daniel
  2. Thanks for the comment. I honestly do feel so relieved even just having read everyone's responses! Unfortunately my program is in a big school and I don't run into my colleagues very much and when we do, we're not comfortable enough to tell each other what's really on our minds - however, finding other people to talk to yesterday has been a great source of relief. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one. Good luck to you (and your colleagues) too!
  3. Ahaha! Thank you! That DOES make me feel better. Worth the strugglebusing!
  4. Dear fellow grad students, Apologies for this self-involved and very long post. Basically, I just passed my comprehensive exams in a top PhD program in Comparative Literature in the U.S. The process was exhausting; I went straight from my first year of teaching to cramming for exams during the summer. By the end of this, I was crying every day and regularly having panic attacks - I had never been so stressed out in my life. Now that I've finished my exams, my department is asking for a draft of my prospectus (only one month after my exams). I started trying to write it yesterday (I thought i
  5. Thanks! I have already included it in all my other applications, but suddenly I was thinking about it and became unsure. Don't know what came over me! I'm sure that committees like to read short papers, but for comparative literature, I believe they would be more impressed with the full 15 pages.
  6. hello, I know this is a HUGE favor to ask, but I simply don't know who else to ask. I have already asked my prfoessors for 20 letters of recommendation letters, and they are so busy that I do not want to ask if they can read my 15-page writing sample. If anyone is willing to volunteer, I would really appreciate it. If anyone is willing to look at it for $$$$$, I am even willing to pay--that's how desperate I am. I fear my writing sample is simply not up to par for a PhD Comparative Lit program. Email me at kittykatherina@yahoo.com with your email if you are willing. I will love you--whoeve
  7. Hello, I am applying to mostly top PhD comparative literature programs, but I am almost certain I will be rejected by every single one, and am quickly becoming discouraged as I am working on my applications. I have a bit of a unique situation: I graduated from a bottom-tier school, CSULA. I have a 3.745 overall GPA and my English Major GPA is 3.85. I do not have ANY publications or any research projects I worked on. My two outstanding qualities are that I already have my Bachelor's Degree at the age of 18, and also that I am an accomplished pianist. (I am focusing on the intersections bet
  8. Hello, the requirement for my writing sample is 15 pages, and no more than 15. I honestly don't know--does that mean including Works Cited pages or not? It's for comparative literature programs. If I include Works Cited, is it ok? Thanks a lot.
  9. ksozhelenya, netoo o menya ruskiyi bookvi, noo konyeshna ya skazhoo spetsalnast. Perviy yizik rooskiy, vtoroy pongliskiy, a tretiy frantsooskiy tozhe, tak mi bi mogli horosho ponimats droog drooga! Ya virosla v Los Angelese, i mne interessooyit 19th veka. Tak oo tebya naverna ruskiyi roditili v pariszhe?

    mogoo sprosit, kakaya oo tebya spetalnast?

  10. ну не совсем русский как русскаЯ, так сказать-с! lol

    а ты? приятно познакомится!

    а какие у тебя языки кроме русского? у меня Французский номер 2 а Инглиш 3.. (я выросла в Париже)

    и какая специальность, если не секрет? (всмысле, век, тема, литературное движение, незнаю..)

  11. ah hah, tak vi ruskiyi?

  12. Yes, I just finished my BA in English. I only mentioned it because I was wondering if maybe it could offset my somewhat mediocre scores in the eyes of admissions. Nowadays, a lot of kids go to college early, especially in California, so I feel it doesn't even give me that much edge.
  13. Hello, I took the GRE yesterday and I received a 710 verbal, and 560 in quantitative. I don't know my AWA scores yet, but I'm hoping/expecting at least 5. I am applying to graduate programs in comparative literature, and I am looking at schools like NC Chapel Hill, USC, UCLA, Columbia (maybe a bit of a reach), WUSTL, and NYU. Are my scores competitive, or should I retake the GRE test? Thank you, very worried. Oops, I posted this twice--sorry! I'm new to this forum and I can't figure out how to delete this post. I thought that the first time, I had posted in a different forum. My
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