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  1. Well, I'm applying this year so I don't have time to take it. I would have taken it but I'm in another country temporarily and the logistics just couldn't work out. I'm just wondering if I have a chance. I have a friend who got a 6% on the Math GRE and he got into a top 30 school with a fellowship. He said they just "considered him as someone who hadn't taken it". Did you get accepted anywhere, though? I've applied to a high 20s, mid 10s and a rank 5-10 school. Two pure math programs (but applied research) and one applied math program.
  2. Hi guys, I did a math undergrad (with applied math minor). GPA 3.86, higher in math/science. I did not ever take the Math GRE, because I did not decide I wanted to do a math PhD until a few weeks ago. I'm also currently living in the UK as a Fulbright scholar, and I would have had to take two or three days out of my master's courses just to go down to London to take the test. Anyways, I'm applying to GAtech, Wisconsin, and Brown (applied math) for Math PhDs. Technically, Wisconsin and Brown do not "require" the Math GRE. But wisconsin says it can "severely disadvantage" your appl
  3. I applied for physics...pretty sure I'm the only one.
  4. I'll be moving to England from America in the next year....can anyone tell me what the whole foods situation is like over there, is it easier/cheaper to eat organic there than it is here? I'm a bit of a noob, but I would like to start taking care of my body and making up for the damage I did in college.
  5. Some1234, did you go to the visit weekend for UW? We might have met . Congratulations! BTW I withdrew my application from Berkeley because I won a Fulbright, so I'll be doing that instead.
  6. interesting...would be nice to see a breakdown by region though, as you only compete with applicants from your region I believe. I won a fellowship with a 5% rate, so I might actually apply. Thanks for the info.
  7. I can't seem to find any info on the odds of winning a Rhodes Scholarship...is anyone on here privy to this information?
  8. Just talked to my old undergrad advisor at michigan. I am "high on the wait list" but the plasma professors did not have much funding this year. It's alright with me though, I accepted a fulbright fellowship to study fusion in the uk!
  9. Hey charmaine1, Don't get yourself too down, the fact that you were recommended for a Fulbright to the MOST COMPETITIVE country in the world is an amazing thing! You're obviously a talented and intelligent individual to make it this far and I'm sure you'll be successful in whatever you choose to do this coming year.
  10. Horn and charm Al I will write you soon as I stop driving
  11. Just accepted as the principal candidate for the university of york in the uk 2014-2015!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Has anyone who was waitlisted at Michigan been bumped up yet?
  13. So are you saying decisions have basically already been made for the UK?
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