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  1. People who say it's laughing AT nerds or complain about the stereotypes make me roll my eyes. The characters are pretty accurate to people I know in the world. Though, perhaps Geodude is right-- it shouldn't be physicists, but engineers instead. The only thing I find bothersome about the show is how uncritically rapey it is.
  2. People are ridiculous. I am taking a cut to half of what I made in the working world for graduate school, you can bet I'm going to be busting my ass for every dime I can get out of any scholarship/fellowship/work opportunity (within reason and the terms of stipend). I don't think it's greedy to want to live a halfway to decent life. Proving you can attract a lot of funding is super important for after you graduate as well, it can be a real factor in getting a TT or similar research position. That said I agree with Bsharpe's comment about married individuals actually being less in need of f
  3. The value of this degree is really very low, monetarily speaking. The ROI is basically negative for the type of Psy.D. that you have to pay for out of pocket. Think long and hard about it before considering this. You are better off waiting a couple years and getting solid research experience than jumping in now and having a low paying degree and hundreds of thousands of debt just to be able to start/finish sooner.
  4. I actually do not think you are getting great advice from that professor; 1-2 years of research experience is enough to get into Ph.D. programs. It sounds like you may not be getting the best possible experience though. Programs want to see you are capable of some level of "independent" research and not just performing those simpler lab functions. Publications aren't necessary for acceptance, but having poster presentations or similar is a big boost. Three things you can do, in a year: 1.) try to get more involved in the research, doing enough work to at least be included on a presentatio
  5. QASP


    Well, my intention is not to insult so much as to challenge you to consider the problem from a different angle and I made it after several more complex and thoughtful post above from various others failed to get the message through (and, given that the implication of your statements is that more than half the world is dimwitted non-intellectuals not worth knowing, I don't feel too bad insulting/challenging just one person). I'm not sure what "evidence" you expect me to have; neither of us has "evidence," this is a conversation on the internet. My evidence is your post. I could cite the man
  6. One possibility, refurbished ThinkPad laptops from IBM. Basically they were top of the line 2-3 years ago and still are extremely high quality in comparison to what you could get new at that price. They should be more than up to the task. Even better, they are having a $100.00 off sale right now, through the first week or two of June. http://www-304.ibm.com/shop/americas/content/home/store_IBMPublicUSA/en_US/laptops.html
  7. QASP


    No, a lot of people (well, me at least) are saying that if you are writing off most people as dull and boring and have trouble finding worthwhile companionship, the problem is probably you.
  8. I could tell you some horror stories of in-laws, but I had the advantage that they lived a few states away. They told us when they were coming, no regard for our prior plans or anything, and every second we were with them they made my boyfriend miserable and acted horribly. Honestly my advice would be to just stop showing up, and get your partner to do the same. After about a year away from that nonsense, maybe she'll decide that she values having the two of you in her life more than she values controlling your lives. More practical for those who aren't dependent on family for a support ne
  9. Gosh, I hardly remember posting in this thread. In the end, the solution to my problem is to live without a car. Frustrating, but Zipcar should manage for those times I absolutely need a car and the rest is just the necessary sacrifice of getting this degree. Can't speak for anyone else, but for me there are a lot of differences between grad school and undergrad: in undergrad I worked and went to school full time, which my schedule allowed; my stipend is less than half my current salary and there is going to be no real time for working outside the program. In undergrad I lived in a ci
  10. QASP


    No, I think the point I (and GC) were making was that we can do deep and meaningful things with non-academics, that seems to be the two different groups (those who are too good for non-academics and those who are not). I'm also reading a bit of "I don't even own a TV" snobbery in various posts from various people here (in case you are wondering and too cool to know, this is partially a reference to an Onion article), which presses a lot of my buttons and really frustrates me (and believe me I am not a TV person at all, it just angers me when people look down on others for acting differently th
  11. QASP


    Calling them my 'normal' friends and the "normies" thing was a joke (a joke ripped off from popular culture), I was poking a bit of fun at the divide you seemed to be creating between the 'normal' and 'everyday' vs. academics. There is no such thing as the viewpoint from nowhere, imho. You can't step out of these things, I would argue people who think they can set themselves apart from their objects of study are fooling themselves and are more likely to commit tainted research (in the social sciences, anyway). Of course, many disagree. I'd love to do an experiment on this someday.
  12. QASP


    I don't know, I think it's pretty clear some people are saying we can only take so much normal everyday academic 'stimulation' and instead we seek out interaction with people who don't have to limit themselves to topics that would be covered by the BBC and/or The Chronicle of Higher Education. A lot of my "normal" friends (I call them normies) analyze their friendships and the type of people they hang around with, and why. I get a lot of insight out of my friends who dropped out of college, just as much as I do from others who are in or went to grad school. I find a lot of people within ac
  13. I'm a couple generations behind and still play PS2 games. They're finally releasing solid sequels for some of the games I love, so I may have to pick up a PS4 eventually. I'm a reluctant computer gamer, mostly strategy games via Steam. Civ V is exactly as addicted as all the past Civ games.
  14. Usually you need a main advisor who is in the department you are going into, but I know a lot of people who work more heavily outside of their department with someone else than they do with their main advisor. It is somewhat dependent on the university and departmental culture whether this is acceptable. I'm very interested in the intersection of Communications and Psych. If you would be willing to PM me this person's name so I could read some of their work, I'd be grateful for it.
  15. Yes, it's normal, I'm going through similar "if only I had taken a different approach to applying" thing, because I am not thrilled about the physical location of the school I am going to (specifically I dislike cold weather and would like to not experience it ever again). But I see you're in psychology, which is a very competitive field for funded PhD's, and schools in desirable locations are often flooded with applicants who are a poor match for the program (because we all want to live in those locales). I think it's important/worthwhile to embrace the possibilities of exploring something ne
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