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  1. Last day in the office. Luckily I cleaned my desk out two weeks ago so leaving at 5 will be a breeze :)

  2. moving in less than a week and I haven't even started packing. Too busy worrying about how my cat will react to the move :(

  3. Would it be crazy if I went to school full-time, worked full-time and held down an instructional assitant position? Cus I'm currently considering it...

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    2. AKCarlton


      I've been blessed with a fiance who wants me to focus on school and she'll take care of the money-making. But I say, do what you got to do, but remember education is going to get you to your real job.

    3. Threeboysmom


      How are you going to manage that load?

    4. bumblyboo


      @bsharpe: No coffee for me. Weak stomach!

      @akcarlton Very true! luckily at this point it's just a consideration.

      @threeboysmom I'm not sure, but my father completed both his master's/PhD while working full-time in the healthcare field so it is possible. Though maybe not for me... Time will tell!

  4. Personally, I would recommend taking the year off and volunteering/working in your field of interest. And if you already know what you need to do to improve your application, do it! It may lead to a funded offer! I took two years off after undergrad to work/volunteer and do not regret it. I gained relevant experience, and had the opportunity to network. I'm 23 going on 24 this month and will be starting my MPH/MS. And there is no such thing as too old to start a Phd. My father just received his this past weekend at the ripe young age of 54. And if you are unwell, take the year to rest. G
  5. I'm only moving 6 hours across my home state, but I am dreading the car ride with my cat so much. I've taken her on short trips (under 2 hours) and they have been hell. I was stupid enough during my last trip to let her roam the car freely. She ended up crawling under my driver's seat and screaming/crying the entire time. Getting her out from under there was an utter nightmare and I almost crushed her moving my seat forward. It was horrible. I'm currently looking into "natural" calming agents (and actually putting her in her carrier!), and in a worst case scenario, I'll be talking to her vet
  6. Just registered for fall! Now just 6 more weeks until the move!

  7. happy happy joy joy!

  8. I really need to stop checking in on this thread. I've gone from wanting a Lo and Sons bag (everything is currently 20% off!) to a Herschel Little America to a Lo and Sons bag AND a Herschel Little America to a Ranipak YUMC backpack (probably going to end up with this). Indecisive doesn't even begin to describe it!
  9. I try to ignore it and keep a low profile/don't involve myself, especially if it just a temporary setting/job. I take notes though. Those come in handy during HR meetings.
  10. There are! But this topic was extremely helpful in my decision. I'll be getting a Herschel Little America for every day living and a lo and sons for more professional settings.
  11. I really need to mask my aggravation better. People in the office are starting to notice.

  12. haha, that's actually the one that I currently own. I love it.
  13. I currently have a 32oz contigo (has never leaked and they have a lifetime warranty) and a byo lunch bag (currently holding my breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks)
  14. August come quickly, please...

    1. ahlatsiawa


      Yes, August. Please!

    2. bumblyboo


      I'm counting down to the hours at this point!

  15. when in doubt, email.

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