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  1. when i contacted them, like two months ago to ask them sth about my transcripts, they replied really really fast! ok so we wait again!! maybe they have a second round of admissions! about UC Davis ... I hope it is for the best!!take a deep breath and wait also...
  2. totally agree ! so let's wait for Oregon.... but i think it is a rejection for me too!
  3. well i am rejected from Northwestern ! Damn another rejection! through website! good luck to you though!
  4. hahahaha! i was checking my application status too and i got the same message! i was thinking to my self: ok it cannot be that difficult to change the status!!! do you think they will send sth via postal service? do you think we should send an e-mail?
  5. if you have any news either from Northwestern or Oregon please let me know! I cannot handle waiting that good!ggrrr
  6. oohhh I see.... that is why my bloodbath was aborted for only 3 days!
  7. so i am checking the results board and i think there is almost a silence for the last couple of days... is it the silence before the storm? I wonder...
  8. actually i think i will start worrying about the Oregon and the Northwestern! no news at all!
  9. ok then thanks for your answer though!
  10. sorry for asking.. but was your rejection from UT-Austin Com. Literature?
  11. i feel the same so you are not alone here!! the thing is that after i saw the acceptance, I feel almost devastated!! i got three rejections so far and I am too close to depression! did you have any news from the universities you applied except Oregon and Northwestern?
  12. Notification of decisions: Candidates will typcially be notified of decisions by February 28, this is from the website
  13. did you send an e-mail and ask them?or did they contact you first?
  14. Great news then i hope this doesnot mean a rejection for me
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