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  1. Congrats to all those who have been heard the good news so far! I still haven't heard from the school I was waitlisted at and feeling like the likelihood I will be accepted decreases each day. I guess I just figure that they already know how many slots they have left since the 15th and I would assume they already had the hierarchy of their waitlist figured out, so now I am wondering when they start sending out rejections off the waitlist. I would normally be tempted to contact the school (USC-on campus) to inquire about whether they've already notified everyone they've decided to accept or not, but the letter they sent ot in March seemed to discourage this. The last thing I want to do is wait around all weekend for a rejection letter. I've been accepted to a great school that I will also be happy attending and either way I'd like to move on from this eternal limbo-land and start the fun of planning for the move! Ugh!
  2. I'm on the wait-list and anxiously waiting to hear back. I noticed there are several posts well into May and June for being accepted by post. I am assuming these were just the official notifications of people who had already been notified via phone or email in April that they'd been accepted. I've only noticed the one acceptance off the wait-list posted so far. Has anyone received any emails from USC about the wait-list yet? At least this is the last waiting game I will have to go through before grad school!
  3. Thanks guys! Aaahhhh...feeling so much better :-). This is one of those times when you know it's not as big of a deal as you are making it, but you still need someone else to tell you that. Fortunately, I'd be very happy at my second choice school, and it is very likely that is where I'll end up. I'm ready to get rolling on some of the the things that don't happen until you accept the offer anyway, even if it's just feeling like I'm finally able to get things rolling. Haven't we all had it with the waiting? ;-)
  4. Hi all, I'd really like to attend a school I am waitlisted at, but they don't start pulling from their waitlist until after April 15th. I have another school I've been accepted at that I've decided to attend if I don't get in to the first school, but I have to notify them by April 15th. Even if the extra money to secure a spot at the 2nd school weren't an issue, I'm not completely comfortable accepting admission to the one school, and then withdrawing that if I get accepted to the first school. It just seems so unprofessional, and not exactly a conversation I want to have with the program. Anyone else in this circumstance?
  5. I'd do a slightly dressy version of business casual: Tapered (cigarette, pixie) ankle-length pants, a cute blouse, maybe a tailored, light-weight blazer. Definitely flat or low (no more than a kitten heel), close-toed shoes. You could dress it up with pops of color and a fun accessory or two (colorful necklace or shoes) so you don't feel like you're going to the office. Congrats and have fun!
  6. Congrats! I wasn't accepted, but if I am accepted off the waitlist, I'll have to start June 1st for clinical hours also. I see what you're saying about the travel and having to start in summer, but, honestly, I want to be in this program so badly I wouldn't mind. I actually like the idea of being able to become acclimated to the area and the program before classes start in the Fall. I'm out-of-state, so getting there by June 1st would would definitely be a juggling act if I'm accepted (especially since I won't know until April 15 or thereafter), but my family and I are ready to jump!
  7. Just wanted to say Congratulations! to all those accepted today! It certainly wasn't easy waiting to hear from SCU. I'm thankful I was waitlisted and settling in for the wait ahead to find out if I get accepted off of the waitlist. Fingers crossed!
  8. I was just wait-listed via email. This is going to be a long wait. I really want to go to this school.
  9. Haha...Those posts on the results page from last year are why I'm staying near my computer today ;-). 3/17/2014 was the Monday after Spring Break.
  10. I am forcing myself to complete one full problem of my physics homework between checking my emails or the results page. I really hope they start sending acceptances out soon.
  11. Last year, people started getting emails from USC the day after Spring Break..... Fingers crossed.
  12. Thank you, esny811! This information is extremely helpful. I have questions I am compiling for the program, but information from a fellow applicant gives a different perspective.
  13. I doubt I will be able to attend the open house, but I am very curious about the department. Has anyone seen the facilities or met with any of the faculty there? The program seems to have many factors I am attracted to, like the smaller class sizes, but I can't help but wonder about the strength of the program as a whole. There is not a lot of information about the faculty. Many of the professors seem very young, which isn't intrinsically bad, but I worry what experience the instructors may be lacking as a whole. I'm a believer that you get out of your education what you put into it, but I don't necessarily buy into the "all SLP graduate programs are equal" philosophy either. Yes, we will all graduate with the same standards no matter which program we attend, but I think the quality of instruction and exposure can vary greatly. I have two other schools I am really hoping to get into, but if I don't, I will be seriously considering Radford. I want to like their program. If you read their Strategic Plan they seem focused on improving their program, but all the things they list they want ot improve make me wonder how bad it is now (or started out to be before they implemented the changes). Plus, I was offered a GA with funding, and the idea of working closely with a professor (in any capacity) is enticing. Aaaah!! Decisions, decisions. I haven't even heard from half of my schools yet. If anyone goes to the open house, would you mind sharing your impressions of the department? What a help that would be!
  14. They contacted me about that as well, and if accepted I would need to start in the summer.
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