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  1. Joining A&M this Fall for Computer Engineering Really excited!!!
  2. I have applied as an international student to the MASc program (FPGAs), but I have not heard of anyone getting any kind of result yet from the department. I know some people who have had rejects and admits from the CS dept but heard nothing of the ECE dept.
  3. I have also applied to the PhD program but am yet to hear anything from their side.
  4. Undergrad Institution: Top 10 Engineering school ( IIIT H, India) Major(s): Electronics and Communication Overall GPA: 8.6/10 Length of Degree: 4 yrs Position in Class: 4th Type of Student: International male GRE Scores: Q: 800(94%) V: 750(99%) W: 4.0(41%) TOEFL Total: 117/120 (iBT) Research Experience: Attended conferences, lots of projects Awards/Honors/Recognitions: Dean's Merit List, NTSE Scholar (Govt. Of India scholarship) Pertinent Activities or Jobs: TA for various courses for 4 semesters now Any Miscellaneous Accomplishments that Might Help: Internship in my field of interest, Undergrad thesis was in collaboration with Xilinx (market leader in my field) Applying for [ PhD ] at: EPFL - EDIC - Reject UCLA - EE - Pending Applying for [ MS ] at: UT Austin - ECE - Pending Purdue - ECE - Pending Virginia Tech - ECE - Pending Texas A&M Univ - ECE - Pending Univ. of Toronto - ECE - Pending Univ. of Waterloo - ECE - Pending Oregon State University - EECS - Pending ================================================================
  5. Computer Architecture (Hardware side), Digital Design, FPGAs
  6. Oh..Thanks for your reply. Yes, I did consider the programs that you have mentioned, but you see cost of attendance is an important factor for me. So , GaTech, MIT , Wisc-Mad, CalTech and Cornell all go out of contention. Do help me choose among the ORs (Stanford or UC Berkeley or UIUC) and ( North Carolina State University or U Minnesota, Twin Cities or Univ of McGill)
  7. Hi, Im in my final year of Electronics and Communication Engineering from IIIT, Hyderabad, India(Ranked 6th in the country for engineering). My stats are as follows:- GPA: 8.6/10 (rank 5 out of 40) GRE: quant=800, verbal=750 TOEFL: 117/120 Dept Applying to: Electrical and Computer Engineering Field of Interest: Computer Hardware, Digital Design, FPGAs Research: 2-3 major projects in my field of interest. One research paper submitted for review at GLSVLSI '09 Work Experience: Summer internship for a R&D firm in hardware design. Extra-curricular: Student Parliament member, Member of univ soccer team, Head of outreach and sponsorship teams for college events I will be applying for an MS to the following colleges: 1.Stanford or UC Berkeley or UIUC 2.Texas A &M 3. U Texas at Austin 4. North Carolina State University or U Minnesota, Twin Cities 5.Penn State University 6. Oregon State University 7. University of Toronto I am aiming of not so costly colleges, so aid would be welcome. Could anyone please advise me on these colleges? I am bothered that I am aiming too low. Thanks!
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