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  1. Same here. I got offered a $20K Stafford loan and that's all. I wonder if that can even be right given my financial status?
  2. Thanks. I do take issue with the Heilig study. A third of its findings do not isolate TFA CMs and instead lump them in with "other noncertified teachers." (It uses language like, "Certified teachers outperformed uncertified teachers, including TFA teachers...") $70,000 is a very misleading figure for districts; CMs are paid the normal salary for all new teachers on provisional license and $5,000 or so "fee" that covers a small portion of TFA central office staff/ops and CM professional development costs within the region. The remainder of the costs (training, professional development) is cover
  3. Use Google. Find the studies. You're right: plenty of them have been done. I did the program, and your perception from the outside doesn't comport with classroom realities in one of the toughest districts nationally. Nor does it corroborate with the research you described. If you're going to claim that TFA teachers quit suddenly and disproportionately, and research is available, you're on the hook to back it up. If you claim they don't perform as well as traditionally-certified teachers in high need settings, and research is available, you're on the hook to back it up.
  4. Do you want to back this up with any evidence/research/statistics? Or maybe a creative writing program makes more sense for you than an M.Ed. Talya, as others have mentioned, plenty of education majors enter the Corps. You do lose some discretion over your placement, but with your degree you'll have the luxury of turning it down to teach on your own volition. My colleagues who went your route did so to receive the high-quality professional development not always available to teachers in struggling schools and the other advantages afforded to TFA alumni (i.e., networking, AmeriCorps educati
  5. I received an offer with $16K in TC scholarships for my 1 yr program. Any idea how that stacks up in a relative sense?
  6. Chapel Hill is very affordable. I shared a house at under $350/month during undergrad. There is plenty of off-campus housing, and you have free bus service from adjacent Carrboro, another fun town. Please visit us!
  7. Thank you -- I missed this.
  8. Does anyone know the approximate size of the Education Policy MA and/or M.Ed program? Even a ballpark guess would be helpful.
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