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  1. This just happened to me, too.. I'm still figuring out what my next step is, and am now looking into schools that I could apply to for Fall 2016. It's really frustrating, though, that I did this to myself, I can't help wondering the what-ifs, etc. I'm also not sure at this point if I would be accepted with some not-so-great grades. I hope everything works out for you!
  2. I'm super into music as well. I guess there is some similarity between music and SLP. I play guitar and piano, and played violin through middle and high school. I played in a band throughout highschool. I think my music background helped me a lot in my phonetics course, especially with everything about syllables, stress and breaking down sounds. I really want to learn about incorporating music into speech therapy. Not bilingual though!
  3. In my opinion, affordable school is the better choice. I'm accepted in my dream school as well; the location is amazing and its clinics have a lot of specialties that I'd be interested in; but I know it would mean I'd be paying around $60,000 more on tuition alone than another school I was accepted in. I haven't seen my financial package yet, so unless it's a substantial package, I'll be attending a different school.
  4. Hi guys, I know that the program at Monmouth is for a Masters of Arts in Education in Speech Language Pathology. Is there a difference between that and the more typical MA in SLP?
  5. I called the financial aid office yesterday, and they said that financial aid information may be out in a week or so.
  6. I applied and also haven't heard anything yet. They seem to be sending out decisions through postal service so if you haven't heard anything, it might just be a delay in the mail.
  7. @Greyhound, my applicaton for WPU was complete around the last week of January. But my application on CSDCAS wasn't verified until a few weeks later. I haven't heard anything from them yet..
  8. This post is from last year; thought I'd bump this up for everyone wondering about NYU.
  9. I applied, haven't heard anything yet!
  10. Sunny1234

    New York, NY

    It could be cheaper, but you're probably lengthening your commute. You'd probably spend bout $10-15 more each day on commuting, from train or bus tickets. The commute could be anywhere between twenty minutes to an hour. You can look into towns like Montclair, Union City, Hoboken, Jersey City, Fort Lee, and Newark. I know people in NJ who do commute to schools in NYC; it's manageable. But a lot of people go to schools in New York City to experience the city, and you won't really be able to do that as much living in New Jersey. Also, it's difficult to live in New Jersey without a car, unless you live in certain downtown areas. If you have any questions, let me know!
  11. Hi guys, I have a question about Monmouth. I know that Monmouth isn't yet accredited by ASHA but it's expected to be accredited by the summer. Do you guys know how sure their accreditation is? I'm especially interested in Monmouth for its location, but I don't know how much of a risk it would be to go there on the chance that the program isn't accredited.
  12. I don't know, but I'm curious too. I've been accepted and would love to go but it's so expensive. Their website says that financial aid award information is given out in late March. I don't really know anything about their community or professors, though, besides what's on their website.
  13. Hi guys, I went to Montclair for my undergraduate degree in a different field and took a few pre-requisite courses at their SLP graduate school, and can definitely attest to what you guys said. Their facilities are really good and the professors were really nice. I recently visited William Paterson's department and it was a totally different vibe in terms of facilities. I'd be happy to get in anywhere, though.
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