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  1. JD2017

    Can't Decide :(

    Thank you for the reply! Ive narrowed it down to two, both have its pros and cons. I do prefer one city over the other, but the other has more family and friend support system. I'm feeling adventurous but also scared I might make the wrong decision at the same time. Whenever I lean more towards one, I get nervous I'm making the wrong decision. haha, probably just overthinking everything Thanks for the support though
  2. got a full ride to my school, but I think I'm gonna save more money by sleeping in my car and showering at the gym
  3. JD2017

    Not sure if I'm PhD/DBA Material...

    I will accept you at my university in a heart beat
  4. JD2017

    Can't Decide :(

    What do?

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