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  1. Hi everyone, Does anyone know the Facebook group that was created for u of t students. Or does this group not exist yet? Thank you
  2. Hi does anyone who the Facebook groups name that was created? Thank you
  3. Blue accounts sorry my mistake. It is where you set up Ogs application.
  4. Thank you for the reply. I emailed u of t they said it will be posted on blue rewards account end of April
  5. Hi everyone. Does anyone know when we'd hear from OGS for u of t?
  6. Hi everyone I have been following this forum for a while and it is very helpful thank you all for posting. I have applied to laurier York and u of t . Rejected from York and laurier and got invited from u of t! I am curious does anyone know how many people get accepted to the 2 yr program? I know I read that u of t accepts 150 applicants. How many of those are for the full time 2 year? Thank you
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