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  1. I got e-mail from Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley on (3/3). They are unable to offer financial support now, but later, can I get something from UCB ? Applied (4): UC Berkeley - (3/3), MIT - (3/3), Stanford - (3/5), Caltech - ?
  2. I just go to UC Berkeley (ME - MS/PhD). I am happy. However I didn't get any funding. Will I get anything$ from school or should I apply next year again. How hard is to get funding from UC Berkeley? "Congratulations! We are delighted to inform you that the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley has selected you for admission to the graduate program. We sincerely hope you decide to come to Berkeley. You should receive official confirmation from the Dean of the Graduate Division shortly. ...This offer of admission does not include a guaranteed commitment for financial support. We had an exceptionally strong applicant pool this year and are unable to offer guaranteed financial support to all of our admitted students. We anticipate that there will be a limited number of open Graduate Student Instructor (GSI) and Graduate Student Researcher (GSR) positions available for our incoming unsupported students. We strongly urge you to contact faculty members with whom you share common interests to explore the possibility of a research position (GSR)."
  3. Still waiting for Caltech and Stanford (Mechanical Engineering) UCBerkeley (interview 1/22) - accepted (3/3) MIT - rejected (3/3) Caltech -? Stanford -?
  4. Still waiting for UC Berkeley, MIT, Caltech and Stanford All schools sent already acceptance letters I didn't get anything. I am waiting now for rejection. UCBerkeley (interview 1/22) -? MIT -? Caltech -? Stanford -?
  5. I am waiting for UC Berkeley, MIT, Caltech and Stanford (in mechanical engineering) So far nothing. When will I know anything?
  6. I will have my BS in engineering already. I will get BS bioengineering from UCSD. Do I need MS in engineering too? (in order to have extra 10K in future) Which school is better for Master? I know SDSU is better than SFSU for UG. Which degree will open more doors for me in the future?
  7. I will have BS Bioengineering from UCSD (UG major GPA 3.4) I applied for grad school: UCLA, UCB, UCR, SDSU, SFSU UCR is too expensive, I didn't get any free money SDSU and SFSU gave me some money Which program is better? Which school is better?
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