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  1. Thoughts on Applied anthro?

    Can I PM you?
  2. Thoughts on Applied anthro?

    Anyone here familiar with applied anthro? Any experience with it?
  3. I understand that the point of a PhD is to become a specialist, but maybe I'm not ready for that commitment and right now. In my SOPs of the past I never really defined a field site, I just mentioned some places where I had done work in the past. I think for some in 2015 I even wrote that I was open to any geographical area. The India/Mexico/England thing was just an example and I didn't imitate this in my SOPs. I have seen that some people are interested in multiple regions of the world, not that they're specialists in multiple areas. Maybe they've only published about one or two places recently. I'm also referring to the fact that professors have career changes. I know some professors who are studying vastly different things from their PhD dissertation. I even know of person who started out in physical anthro, switched to cultural in the same program, and still graduated in a timely matter. I just think that sticking to one topic for the rest of my life is kinda silly if there are other things that I'd want to explore too. But yeah, I totally get that this is way in the future, way after the dissertation.
  4. Thanks! I guess my fear is that I'd be boxed into a zone if I choose one place. Like I'd be "a China person" or whatever and that's a big commitment.
  5. I'd apply to Washington again because that's the place where I got waitlisted, but they accept sociocultural people for odd years. MSU soc straight up told me that I was not a good fit for their program (I was confused because their department deals a lot with human-environment issues, but whatever), and Exeter's PhD program rejected me because I didn't fulfill the prerequisites (their website never stated that a MA was REQUIRED, only that most of the people they accept have MA's). I was admitted to the New School MA program in 2016, but I only got partial funding. Attending a well-funded MA program for area studies/language is something that I've never considered. That's an intriguing idea. Would programs in HK allow me to learn Mandarin? I guess it would depend. I've never taken a Mandarin class...I literally just know some food words. This also means that I'd have to pick an area to hard. Why do some profs get to study multiple areas, like say India, Mexico, and England?
  6. I did a field school in Jamaica and I conducted research in Costa Rica and the US. I talked about my study abroad experiences and my current experience in China in my SOPs. I can't decide on any one location, but yeah of course location affects everything. I think I know the most about China because I've lived here the longest and I'm constantly talking to people here and learning a lot. But I don't wanna be like BAM I'm a China scholar.
  7. I'm interested in edibility and pet-keeping and how cultures may place animals into categories, like “food.” I'm drawing from Mary Douglas, Donna Haraway, Pierre Bourdieu, Thorstein Veblen, and Foucault (I'm not an expert on any of these people, but I'd be interested in reading more of them in grad school if I ever get in). I took one cultural anthro theory class in college and did well in it...then I TA-d it...but honestly I need more than one semester of college-level theory. You just read so much so quickly. I'm not well-versed ATM, but I do like discussing it with people. In 2015/16, I applied to the New School, Cornell, Columbia, Maryland, UIUC, Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, Davis, Toronto, McGill, and Notre Dame. All of these were anthro. In 2016/17, I applied to MSU (sociology/animal studies), Exeter (anthrozoology), Toronto, McGill, Washington, and Notre Dame. For 2017/18, I think that I will apply to Notre Dame again (mainly because I was a top applicant)....not sure if I'd want to apply to anywhere else for a 2nd or 3rd time Any thoughts? Mainly I'm just looking at human-animal relationships, multi-species ethnography, edibility/nutrition, and human-environment interaction. In my internet searches, the vast majority of these people are in archeology, which I have little interest in. I'm kind of also interested in cultural perspectives of health and wellness...but I haven't done any research on's just more of an interest that I haven't pursued academically. As for geographical interests...hell if I know. China is an interesting place to be (I've been here for the past year and will be here for one more) but I don't speak Mandarin. I do speak Spanish and French and in college I studied abroad in Costa Rica. Also, most of the programs that I applied to before were PhD programs...not sure if I'm ready to jump into that. Mainly I have a hard time finding people who share my interests.
  8. Cheer up myself and others!!!!

    Hey all. Like you can see from my signature, I will not be attending grad school this fall, much to my disappointment. After two cycles of nearly all rejections across the board (I have only received one acceptance from a MA program that offered minimal funding), I'm feeling really shitty about myself and my future. So...cheer me up! Or, chime in if you need to be cheered up too! I'm a glass half-empty kind of person, so I need something to keep me from becoming depressed.
  9. ESL Teaching in Asia or Middle East

    I have taught ESL in central China for the past academic year. The pay is not excellent, but housing/utilities and roundtrip airfare are covered and the cost of living is extremely cheap. One thing might be to consider what age/school level you prefer, because China is one of the few countries where you can teach at the university level with a BA, although you have a MA. It may be easier to get a uni job here than in other countries, however. Personally, I like teaching uni students. I have the freedom to teach what I want and to create my own lesson plans. Universities may be places where this kind of work is appropriate, as primary and secondary schools might have a set curriculum. Also, I am not certified to teach and I had only tutoring experience in college before I applied. China is much more lax. I also have student loans, and I have made enough money to eat out very frequently and also make monthly payments comfortably. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions!
  10. Anyone else feeling hopeless?

    My waitlist turned into a rejection
  11. Got another rejection
  12. Still waitlisted....?

    The wait is over! I got rejected....5/6 this year (one program left to hear from) and 10/11 last year
  13. Still waitlisted....?

    So, accepted applicants would wait until the 15th to give a decision? And the 15th is on a Saturday (where I am it's already Saturday). Does this affect things? I'm just getting so anxious because I was certain that I would have heard by now. So, should I contact them on the 15th in local time? Or wait until Monday?
  14. Still waitlisted....?

    I was waitlisted by my top choice PhD program back in February, and I was told that I would receive a final decision by early April. As it is now mid-April, I'm wondering what the "hold up" might be. Any thoughts?
  15. I'm getting SO anxious and it's hard to sleep at night. I just wanna know already!